Good morning all
So fitness watches have become a huge trend over the past few years
From basic, cheaper, to very high tech, expensive ones
And people are loving them
Well me too
I have seen such a positive response from the fitness watch that I think they have helped tackle the huge obesity problem we have, made people more accountable and aware of what they are doing
and encouraged people to set goals, work towards them and totally achieve them

A fitness watch is perfect for monitoring your activity and healthy effortlessly and with extreme accuracy. T

A lot of these trackers are able to record everything

They are like an electronic finger on the pulse, constantly measuring your vitals, quality of sleep and step count.

Depending on how tech savy you are then you can get some devices that are just amazing

But the basic ones are fine too

The most important thing I believe is that they are encouraging people to be more healthy, to get fitter and be more aware of all they are doing

Whether you’re training for a specific race or just looking to be more active in general, a fitness watch can help you more closely monitor your activity and training.

Track your heart rate, map routes, and even receive smart phone alerts on some of these devices.

I have had mine now for nearly 2 years and if I am honest used it very little before, and it was more of a fashion item than it was inteded

But over the past year and especially now that I am pregnant, I couldn’t be without it

Why now I here you say

Well, before now, I have been super fit, on average did 18,000 steps a day teaching classes, personal training and generally running my gym

Since I had a re-scan on my back and realised my problem has worsened, I have stopped teaching classes, I only personal train, and do my own exercise, which is now probably half of what I used to do

I am now also pregnant, which has slowed me down a little more exercise wise

Yet with my watch, I ensure I monitor my activity, water and food intake daily, as well as my sleep patterns

It really is so beneficial and totally keeps me on track

I ensure I reach bare minimum 10, 000 steps per day, and I check on this every few hours, especially if I have been sat down doing admin work, it then pushes me to get up and do something

II will jump on the bike or treadmill in my gym, even just for 5 minutes, or do some squat jumps, high knees or other hiit cardio to get my heart rate up, and have a quick metabolic burst

If it wasn’t for my watch monitoring my activity or sometimes inactivity, as it does tell me to get going if I have been inactive for too long

Then I would not be doing very well, especially compared to over a year ago

As my life has changed massively with my back diagnosis, and now pregnancy I feel I need this great piece of equipment to help me out, keep me accountable and give me a kick up the butt every now and again

Techrader’s Top 5 Fitness watches of 2017 are:

1. Moov Now

2. Samsung Gear Fit 2 (I have this and love it)

3. Tom Tom Spark 3

4. Garmin Vivosmart 3

5. Fitbit Charge 2

So guys with a variation in price and software available with these watches, there is a wide range to choose from,

If you haven’t already got one I would highly recommend you do

Especially if you are someone who is not a fitness enthusiast, doesn’t love the gym, and has a very sedentary job

Here’s your personal trainer on your arm at all times, giving you the push you need

Even those fitness fanatics like myself have a huge benefit with these watches, I track my workouts, change the intensity, set myself bigger goals and the watch keeps me on track with this

Especially now as it helps me ensure I am maintaining a safe heart rate throughout the workout, as I cannot raise it too high now being pregnant

So all in all, it’s checking the important details and encouraging me to keep working hard

Like I said, I use mine daily now, I hate leaving it off, and I check my app every day to check my progress

I feel it is an essential part of my healthy lifestyle right now, so check them out and get yours soon

Keep fit, happy and healthy, Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth

Emma xx