I have a passion for helping women FRIVE

I want to help YOU!

Finding your purpose

  • Have you hit a time in your life, where you feel unsure of who you are or where you’re going?
  • Your very often feeling exhausted lacking motivation and even getting ill frequently.
  • Time is limited, you’re working hard for a successful career and yet you crave being successful in other areas of your life too, but the struggle is too much.

I understand, as I too have felt this way and so have many of my clients.

This is why I created my Mastermind group, where like minded women have a safe and supportive place to be themselves, even find themselves again.

A place where we can share experiences and knowledge, where we can help and guide one another and most importantly where we can work on being strong, successful and mentally and physically fit, happy and healthy. 

Frive mastermind is a community of support, learning and accountability to help you work towards your true potential. With the full support of your coach Emma Jay

All new mastermind members will get a 121 coaching call with Emma to guide you on the right path for you.

Females reclaiming inspiration and vibrancy everlasting is our goal here, which is a continual journey we go on together, supporting, empowering and sharing love with one another to ensure we maintain a passion for life, look and feel fitt, happy and healthy and have control over stress and it’s impact on us.

What you get:

Weekly live coaching call with Emma

Daily check in, motivation, accountability and support in a private group

Full access to the Lifeshaper health and wellbeing online library

Brain Gym with daily brain exercises to help ground you and create new positive nerological pathways.

Live, weekly relax and Revive session, plus easy access pre recorded videos

2 x Live workouts weekly, plus extensive library of pre recorded workouts

Regular guest expert live calls

Priority booking and discounts on live events and all other Lifeshaper programmes

All of this for just £29.99 per month


Emma is a fabulous Coach, her mastermind group keeps me on track with my mental and physical wellbeing.
Emma goes above and beyond to support us, bring in experts for additional advice and be live and present many times throughout a week.

Ginny Jones

Emma’s Mastermind group is the best support and accountability I have ever had. I love how Emma shows up every single day, with positivity, motivation and inspiration. I find it hard to be consistent with self care, this group definitely keeps me on track.

Kelly Sutton


I was sceptical at first about a monthly membership for a group, how would it work?
And after the first month, I could see this was where I was meant to be.
The support, the content, the guest speakers are all wonderful. I love being a part of such great female empowerment  
Shevaughn Brady 

Who is this for?

The Mastermind group is for every woman who is feeling disconnected from themselves and the world around them.

When we experience big life changes, like becoming a new mum, starting a business, ending a long term relationship, starting a new job, going through peri / menopause or falling into the stress trap of today’s crazy, busy lifestyle.

Then this Mastermind group is for you.