Be the hero of your own story. No one is coming to save you, but you!

Is STRESS making you unfit, unhappy and unhealthy?

Lifeshaper Coaching can help you change that.

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Learn to like, then love yourself again, so you never battle with your negative Nancy in your head again.
Be more confident in yourself and all you do, so that you can chase your dreams head on & nothing is holding you back.
Be fitter, stronger & ultimately healthier, to prevent illness & enable you to chase after the kids, party like you’re still 20 & delay the aging process.
Manage your stress so well that it doesn’t take over your life any longer, so that you are less moody, more proactive & fun to be around.
Gain clarity in where you want to go & how you are going to get there, so that you are no longer chasing 5 rabbits and not even catching 1.




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Emma Jay Lifeshaper

Some people say the nicest things!

“Emma is a fabulous Life Coach who has helped me through very difficult times in my life – both in my work and private life. She is always on hand to chat, even if she is busy, and is genuine and true to herself and her beliefs.”

Bethan Sayed, Plaid Cymru MS

Emma has 15 years of professional experience within the health and wellness industry, but what makes her unique style of coaching so successful, is her complete transparency about her own struggles with stress, burnout and postnatal depression.

Emma spent time keeping the people of Swansea fit and healthy on her fitness and well-being show on Swansea Bay TV, she also spoke weekly on Swansea sound giving healthy tips to listeners.

In 2019 Emma was a finalist in the Chwarae Teg Womenspire awards for her outstanding work helping improve so many lives with her mental and physical well-being programmes, as well as her charity work.

In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, Emma chose to share her journey and tell her story of her battle with depression as a co-author of a best selling book ‘The Bounce Back Journey of Women’s Health’

Emma has also delivered a TEDx talk called ‘me my stress and I’ The talk relates to us very often causing a lot of our own stress. 


Love and believe in yourself &
the rest will follow!

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"Emma was not only a trainer but she cared and went over and above to make sure that I hit my goals in weight, looks, nutrition and health/fitness. She also completely kept me on track with her mindset coaching and helped me manage my busy lifestyle better."
- Samira Jeffreys

Actress / TV & Film Producer