About Emma Jay

Hi, I’m Emma Jay


I am a mum of a beautiful amazing little girl and wife of the most incredible man I have ever met. I am also a Coach, I help people reclaim their identity, their value, their energy and their passion for life, after losing it due to life’s stresses.

After suffering a severe head injury in a car accident in 2002 and hitting the darkest time in my life with depression, the only thing that saved me from a life in that deep dark whole was exercise and good nutrition.

I refused to give up on myself and re educated about the body and mind, to help myself and people like me who had completely lost self-confidence, self-love and self-belief.

Unfortunately, years later, I hit a tough time again about a year after my little girl was born, after months of limited sleep, going back to work in my business way too soon and getting married abroad, all hug stressors that took their toll and resulting in postnatal depression, where I made the quick, tough decision to sell my gym and take a career break to be a mum. 

I have learnt so much form my life experiences and I now help other people rebuild after their tough times too.

People who had been crippled by STRESS, depression and anxiety, but who desperately wanted a way out and to feel fit, happy and healthy again.

In the past 15 years, I have helped hundreds of people, change their lives around, regain control over the stress that previously had a huge negative impact on them and become fitter, happier and healthier.

I have done this through my coaching and on my healthy lifestyle TV show on Swansea Bay TV, as-well as my weekly speaking spot on Swansea Sound Radio and continually speaking at health and well-being events.

STRESS and the negative impact it has on both the body and mind has become my area of expertise and through my Lifeshaper programmes, I now help people recognise, manage and reduce their stress through educating and supporting them with lifestyle changes, hormone balance and correct exercise and nutrition to support a stressed body and mind.

Proud to have been recognised!

I have been nominated for many awards over the past 10 years, which brings me such joy to know I made a difference in so many lives.

In 20… I was awarded the hand of friendship by kids cancer charity Kids N Cancer for my work with the families, supporting them through the horrendous trauma of having a child with cancer

In 2019 I was a finalist in the Womenspire awards

 Before my accident, I was a complete gym bunny, and had the ‘push till you drop’ mindset on training, and my nutrition was very strict. I believed this was all you had to do to get a good body, and really didn’t understand why people couldn’t do it.

Eat less, exercise more, unfortunately has been the way for many people for far too long and it wasn’t until I went back to re-educate myself on how the mind and body work, that I realised how important food as fuel and medicine, really is for us.  I also learnt that hormones and stress have a direct impact on us mentally and physically and they affect our weight, fat loss, muscle gain and energy too.

The the more I learnt, especially after suffering from mental health issues, and opening my gym and working closely with people, who sometimes weren’t achieving their goals due to underlying issues, I realised that your mind is key, the environment around you and the lifestyle you lead are all most important to your success, not just in health and fitness, but in your whole life

So I went on to educate in life and mindset coaching, Bodymap, Mindmap, NLP and I am currently learning CBT and neuroscience to gain more knowledge and understanding on this, again to improve myself, and to offer a better service to my clients, and help them deal better with what can seem to be the biggest hurdles preventing them from achieving their goals.

Through all of my learning and my own experience, I have come to realise that STRESS (which is a very broad topic and often misused) can have a hugely negative impact on both the mind and body and unfortunately so many people are not recognising that they are stressed and how that stress is presenting in them.

For many people they then go ahead and over exercise and crash diet, adding more and more stress to an already burnt out system.

Unfortunately the next best diet and extreme exercise trends are not always best for someone who is stressed, but without the right advice, for them, then they wouldn’t know that.

“Emma was appointed as a key member of the team for a role that I needed intense training for. We researched for instructors in the area and Emma was definitely the best around to understand my needs as a woman in training. We had a few weeks to put a plan in place and Emma was not only a trainer but she cared and went over and above to make sure that I hit my goals in weight, looks, nutrition and health/fitness. She also completely kept me on track with her mindset coaching and helped me manage my busy lifestyle better. Her programmes are amazing and she is so experienced and knows her field so well that I would highly recommend her for any goals you have big or small”


Samira Mohamed Ali

Actress / TV and Film producer

“Emma is a fabulous Life Coach who has helped me through very difficult times in my life – both in my work and private life. She is always on hand to chat, even if she is busy, and is genuine and true to herself and her beliefs. It is important to engage with someone in this profession who always has the client’s welfare at heart, and that is what makes Emma unique and different. She is doing this because she is passionate about helping us improve our lives for ourselves, and I can say that this is true of the support Emma gave me, and continues to, whenever I may need it”

Bethan Maeve Jenkins

Plaid Cymru AM

I have helped many people who are struggling to manage their stressful, busy lifestyle as well as juggling family life, career, eating healthy and getting fit, regain control over their life, health and happiness.

I also work very closely with people who suffer from mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, bipolar, as well as stress related illnesses such as fibromyalgia, ME and more

Having fantastic results, time after time, changing lives, which honestly is the best feeling ever. Knowing you have made a difference in someone’s life, that’s why I am a coach.

I started my first fat loss program within my gym back in January 2012, after realising that people had been brainwashed into ‘dieting’ for way too long, and actually had no knowledge of how to really eat properly, exercise right for them, and get to know their own body and what works and doesn’t for them as an individual, after initially dealing with any mindset issues that were holding them back.

Managing stress by implementing tools daily, and meeting weekly to coach them on their whole lifestyle to overcome the obstacles standing in their way of success, as well as teaching them how to read their own bodies, balance their hormones and implement the healthy tips I advise, to suit their lives and get the best results.


My clients loved it!

The program has been achieving excellent results month on month, so I decided to share my program online for others to benefit too. For people, who have lost control over their lives, health and happiness. People who are burnt out, constantly ill and have no idea how to change things. People who have lost control, love and belief in themselves and let life’s craziness take over.

To me it is very important to be transparent and honest about my own journey, so that I can help others.

I absolutely love what I do, and pride myself on the fact that my clients feel safe, supported, motivated and encouraged with my coaching.

So if you finally feel it is time to change, if you are sick of giving up on yourself. If the STRESS, unhappiness and feeling unhealthy has now reached a point that you are willing to do something about it, then I can help.

Private Coaching


Workplace Wellbeing


Love and believe in yourself &
the rest will follow!

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