Workplace Well-being


Workplace stress is now the biggest reason for absence

The Lifeshaper well-being programme helps staff establish their current mind and body health, educates, encourages and supports staff to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle, which will enable them to be more resilient, manage stress better, prevent burnout, which ultimately will all result in a happier, more productive workplace.

Most importantly, our coaches have personal experience with stress and burnout too, so not only are our programmes of a high professional standard, but are based on real life struggles too.

Wellbeing is a’BUZZ’ word right now and unfortunately many businesses proclaim to have wonderful wellbeing strategies, but most of them are just signposting to external services or online information that staff then need to search through themsleves to find a solution for their problem, with very little hands-on support. 

Since 2018, The Lifeshaper coaches have been delivering interactive, lively and passionate health and wellbeing workshops, health checks and 121 coaching within businesses, designed to support staff well-being.

Emma has 16 years experience as a coach helping people change their lifestyles, manage stress and become fitter, happier and healthier.

We also have a team of coaches, offering an array of expertise with many programmes and workshops and 1:1 coaching to improve staff well-being.

The Lifeshaper workplace well-being programme allows staff access to years of expertise and additional support in breaking bad habits, overcoming barriers and managing stress better to improve their overall health and happiness.

Workplace Well-being Programme

What you get:

We offer tailor made programmes, workshops, classes and online support for your business. As well as 121 coaching for staff needing additional support.

Our aim is to provide helpful strategies to help you bounce back from whatever life throws at you.

Well-being Programme

Stress and Burnout



Metnal health


Pre and postnatal Health

Hormone balance for optimum health

And so much more.


Mindset and Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid
Overcoming barriers

Changing thought process

recognising triggers for negativity

Building healthy habits

Performance Mindset

Perinatal Mental Health

Mum’s mental health

Dad’s mental health

Trauma Therapy

1-2-1 Support:

Health Assessment

Personal Profile

Expert Coaching

Weekly / Monthly Sessions

Online support between sessions 



Relax and Revive





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What people say:

“After going through some massive changes in my life both personally and professionally, which hit me for six I was struggling hugely, a friend recommended coaching with Emma.

Having a macho background in industry and sport, I was very sceptical, but knew I really needed to try something.

After an insightful call with Emma, I realised wow this woman can really help me. l decided on giving it a go so signed up for a 12 session course and I’ve got to say it was the best money I’ve spent in years!

Emma completely understood what was causing all of my stress and she helped me manage this with easy tools. We then overhauled my whole lifestyle and made little changes bit by bit, which backed everything else she was teaching me and slowly but surely things changed.

I still use everything Emma taught me today, and I check back in regularly with her to ensure I’m staying on the right track.

I feel much better both physically and mentally for which cant thank her enough and highly recommend Emma and her programmes.”

Kieran Hickman

Engineering Project Manager

“My IBS was out of control, I was not sleeping, I had gained weight, my stress levels were through the roof, I could not think clearly and my nutrition was non-existent! Emma gave me the guidance and support I needed to help me readjust my life manage the stress I was under and have a very positive view on my health and wellbeing, which clearly enables me to function normally and be at my best. I believed in Emma’s work so much so, that I brought her into the business to coach our staff and support their Well-being. We have monthly workshops and 121’s for those needing extra support back to work, as well as monthly 121’s for our Executive Team, who have highly stressful jobs. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who needs support/guidance on life stresses or nutrition, she has been an enormous help to myself and Hafan Cymru staff.”

Sian Morgan

CEO Hafan Cymru

“All I can say is Emma is an angel. Emma has helped us so much in the foundation, coaching some of our young patients and their families.

Emma regularly creates videos and information content to help families cope better with the trauma they are going through.

Emma’s continued work with the foundation is invaluable to us.”


Richard Jones

Founder Megan Mai Foundation

“I will always be eternally grateful to my employer Hafan Cymru for allowing us access to what I can only say has been a life-saving well-being programme for me. Emma and her Lifeshaper programme actually helped me evaluate, reflect and make positive changes to my life. My 2 years with Emma has turned everything I thought to be true about self-help on it’s head. Emma taught me to like, love and believe in myself again, she taught me how to listen to my body also, to ensure I am healthy and not adding stress to myself with unhealthy habits. She taught me how to balance my hormones with smart exercise, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. What I have learned from Emma has absolutely ensured that I can retain a healthy perspective and have achievable results even under the hardest life events, which we all know can occur at any time. I now feel I can manage and recover from these much better than I have before.”

Shevaughn Williams

Hafan Cymru Employee