Some people say the nicest things!

“Emma is a fabulous Life Coach who has helped me through very difficult times in my life – both in my work and private life. She is always on hand to chat, even if she is busy, and is genuine and true to herself and her beliefs. It is important to engage with someone in this profession who always has the client’s welfare at heart, and that is what makes Emma unique and different. She is doing this because she is passionate about helping us improve our lives for ourselves, and I can say that this is true of the support Emma gave me, and continues to, whenever I may need it”



Bethan Sayed

Plaid Cymru SM

“I started the PT small group sessions with Emma a year ago now and I’m still loving the sessions! I do often stop and start but as I’m always sticking to the 80/20 rule with my food it doesn’t take me long to get back into it, and Emma and the girls are always encouraging and welcoming  when I do get back into sessions after failing to turn up for a couple of weeks

Even though I was seeing results in the first 6 months I hated the cardio part of it so would avoid as much as possible! But the more I was joining Emma’s groups with the beach runs, the more I started enjoying it and so took Emma’s advice at committing to 2 cardio sessions a week, along-side the small group sessions, and I soon seen much better results. I also felt a lot fitter and happier, I’m at the stage now where I’m happy to continue with the sessions to maintain rather than fat loss but anymore fat loss is always a bonus.

I also love the online support group, which really keeps you on track with your food”


Joanne Mclean

“Emma was appointed as a key member of the team for a role that I needed intense training for. We researched for instructors in the area and Emma was definitely the best around to understand my needs as a woman in training. We had a few weeks to put a plan in place and Emma was not only a coach, she cared and went over and above to make sure that I hit my goals in weight, looks, nutrition and health/fitness. She also completely kept me on track with her mindset coaching and helped me manage my busy lifestyle better. Her programmes are amazing and she is so experienced and knows her field so well that I would highly recommend her for any goals you have big or small”




Samira Jeffreys

Actress / TV and Film producer

“I’ve been working with Emma for nearly 3 months now….  she has really helped me.  I suffer with non epileptic seizures due to anxiety and 2 years ago it devastated my life…..  Emma has helped me realise that before I can make any physical changes then I have to believe in me.  When I started working with Emma I hated myself inside and out….  but now I’m believing in me and I like who I am…  I’m still on my journey but I’m sure Emma will be by my side….  Thank you Emma x x”

Ceri Pritchard

testimonialSian Morgan

I have worked with Emma on a personal level and having had such fantastic results, brought her into the business to support the well-being of our staff.

“One day while scrolling through Facebook I saw a post by Emma about health and wellbeing.  It was very apt for me to see this as at this point I was not in a good place health wise.  I decided to contact to Emma to see if she could offer me some support.  My IBS was out of control, I was not sleeping, I had gained weight, my stress levels were through the roof, I could not think clearly and my nutrition was non-existent!

I met with Emma first in February and she has been my lifeline ever since, it is one of the best decisions I ever made, Emma gave me the guidance and support I needed to help me readjust my life and have a very positive view on my health and wellbeing, which clearly enables me to function normally and be at my best.  I occasionally experience bad times, particularly when my stress levels are high and when they arrive Emma is my first port of call.

Initially Emma listen to my concerns and helped me find a plan that would work for me, she continually de-stresses me with Body Mapping, which is totally amazing as I feel instantly better after going through this technique and also with Emma’s continued support and guidance I am now a fitter, healthier and more positive person.

I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who needs support/guidance on life stresses or nutrition, she has been an enormous help to me.”

thumb_02_60_60 Linda Rosati

“I went to see Emma a couple of years ago. I needed to see somebody professional because I was suffering from alopecia aracia. Alopecia aracia is a condition of hair lost under stress.

I was going through a very stressful period and my immune system was very low. I was talking to one of my dear friend which she recommended to see Emma. Was the best move I ever did.

She has been amazing to help me!

She explained I needed to eat healthy food and at least three meals a day, plus she helps me with my mindset. Emma explained to breath properly especially before a stressful period plus to think positive every second of my life no matter what.

If you think positive you attract positive. She is amazing and she not only a very good personal trainer but mainly she is brilliant at helping people to feel better. She became my friend and she is always there when I need her.

Thank you Emma for all your help.”


Andrew John

“I started coaching with Emma, when I was feeling low and having a lot of trouble in my personal life. Emma put me through her Lifeshaper Programme, which included 1 2 1 coaching as well as fitness and nutrition advice, as my health and fitness was very poor at this time too.

I was very sceptical initially talking about my personal life, but Emma is so easy to talk to and really understanding, it only took 1 session to get me opening up completely.

I felt totally different after each session with Emma, she really made me see things more clearly, and enabled me to gain more confidence in myself, once I started to realise, that these situations were out of my control, but how I was dealing with them was completely my choice.

Sometimes we need the support and input from others, to see things more clearly. I learnt that holding all my anguish inside was actually making me suffer more. By releasing it, talking about it, and setting plans to move forward, I soon started to feel better in myself and get my life back on track, as well as then my health and fitness.

I’d highly recommend Emma’s coaching programme, and for men who think this is not a masculine thing to do, believe me, it works and really helps improve your overall life.”

Liam Hover 

“When I came to Emma I had several stresses and problems in my life. I needed a way to get back my life back on track. In our invaluable sessions I got a lot off my chest, we set achievable goals at my pace and I was able to relax through Emma’s body mapping techniques. I would recommend Emma J’s Lifeshaper to anyone looking to live healthier and looking for a new direction in life. She really helped me through a tough time back to a happier place in my life. As life’s challenges continue to come my way I feel Emma’s techniques have helped me prepare and deal with things better.”


Shevaughn Williams


“I will always be eternally grateful to my employer Hafan Cymru for allowing us access to what I can only say has been a life-saving well-being programme for me.

Emma and her Lifeshaper programme actually helped me evaluate, reflect and make positive changes to my life.     

My 2 years with Emma has turned everything I thought to be true about self-help on it’s head.

Emma taught me to like, love and believe in myself again, she taught me how to listen to my body also, to ensure I am healthy and not adding stress to myself with unhealthy habits.

She taught me how to balance my hormones with smart exercise, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

What I have learned from Emma has absolutely ensured that I can retain a healthy perspective and have achievable results even under the hardest life events, which we all know can occur at any time. I now feel I can manage and recover from these much better than I have before.”



Caitlin Gnojek

“Before starting with Emma over a year ago I really struggled with my weight. I had tried everything from gym, classes, insanity, even to working out at home just doing light cardio on our treadmill but nothing worked. I would have constant break downs especially when it came to clothes shopping because I was only getting bigger. Starting the programme with Emma completely opened my eyes to realise that the things I was doing along with my diet that I thought was a ‘healthy’ choice was not going to work for my body, especially due to suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which was putting huge stress on my body and forcing me to store fat.

Emma taught me about how my hormones worked and how my food and exercise weren’t enough to keep them under control, with this along with a fantastic seminar made me understand my body more and learn how to look after myself properly. In just a over a month with Emma I’d lost 7lb and 9 inches, which completely boosted my confidence and I was on cloud nine! The best part about having coaching from Emma is how amazing she is herself, she is so supportive and friendly and nothing is too much for her. Anything you need, she’ll do. I am so grateful for everything Emma has done for me and continues to do, she really has changed my life for the better xx”