Lifeshaper Retreats

Ladies in a world that is crazy busy, learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming.

Educational Workshops

· Hormones
· Mindset
· Healthy Eating

Stress Management

· Rest, Relaxation and Recovery
· Yoga
· Meditation

Our Retreats

The Corran Resort & Spa

Corran Resort & Spa offers a taste of luxury, hidden in the marshlands of the Carmarthenshire countryside. Our vision at this boutique haven is simple; to provide guests with great service, food and surroundings. Ensuring your stay is special and filled with lasting memories is our top priority.

Surrounded by sea, the Towy estuary and acres of Marshland, the Corran is steeped in history with the original 16th century building at the heart of this expertly restored hotel.

How to book

Please contact Emma to find out more about booking a retreat.