– Finding calm amongst the chaos

– Redefining your identity

– Begin to believe in you

– Take back control of your life, health and happiness

8 weeks to improved menTal and physical wellbeing coaching 

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Wanting a successful career and a happy, calm family life, whilst also feeling energised, healthy, happy can be tough. I know I’ve been there! and burnout is easily achieved when you’re trying to be ‘SUPERWOMAN’

I have the tools to help you reclaim your identity, know your worth and strive to be the version of you you’ve always longed to be. 

Not feeling yourself?

Run down
Gaining weight
Brain fog
Self critical

Emma ‘s programme helped me regain a sense of myself. She has a wealth of experience. I love Emma’s authentic, honest coaching approach. I felt safe, comfortable and trusted in the process. I have reduced my stress and am so much healthier mentally and physically.

Lianne Thompson

Who Is Emma?

I have spent the past 15 years within the health and fitness industry.

The past 7 years I have coached successful women who feel lost in the chaos of life, stressed and possibly near burn out, who may also feel they are just treading water each day, to regain control over their life, health and happiness.

I applied my years of working with clients within my gym, privately and within businesses along with my academic qualifications and my own personal experiences in life to create the Lifeshaper programme and the upcoming app, which I am super proud of, as it has not only helped me take back control of my mental and physical wellbeing, but the hundreds of women I have coached over the past 15 years.

I have suffered stress for many years, burnout twice and postnatal depression.

So I have both professional and personal experience within this area.

My goal is to help women who have been through similar experiences, as I have, but who feel that they can’t get out of the rut they are stuck in and just want to feel like themsleves again. I am passionate about helping women, so they don’t feel as bad as I did, for as long as Idid.

I don’t want anyone to feel lonely and as if they have no  way out of their current situation. I want to help women who just want their personal power, mental fitness and energy back to lead a happy life, with a successful career.

8 Week Coaching Programme


Discover your truth


Calm the busy brain


Regain passion for life


Reclaim your identity


Gain self confidence 


Success, health and happiness


Build healthy habits


Understand your Mind and body better


Silence the overthinking brain


Be stronger mentallly and physically

28 Day Rapid Lifestyle Changer

Heading into Christmas, the busiest time of the year,

You’ll Achieve:

Self Mastery

Feel calm and control

the stress better


No more feeling exhausted

No more ageing before your time

Self Awareness

Instead of just ‘winging’ it each day.

Start to know what is best for you.


Feel excited for life again.


Clear Vision

Live the life you want 

Not the life you feel you have to

Self Love

Begin to believe in you

Be proud of all you are and all

you have achieved, not what

you havent YET!

Healthy Habits

Take small manageable steps 

to be healthier.


Be happier, which will have a positive

impact on every area of your life


Be strong and confident in 

who you are and all you 

stand for.


Daily Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Weekly live coaching call
Wellness e-books
Online support group
Stress Management
Health Eating
Smart Exercise
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Emma is a fabulous Life Coach who has helped me through very difficult times in my life – both in my work and private life

Bethan Sayed

Emma taught me how stress was affecting my body.
She taught me how to eat better, to balance my hormones and that the exercise we choose is important too.

Kelly Sutton