Good morning all
Wow May already, this year is going so quickly
I have a super busy May, a weekend away with the amazing Metabolic Effect team for the annual Summit, this weekend
Then my super once in a lifetime holiday to Monaco for the Grand Prix
Believe it or not this is my favourite sport and Monaco is my lifetime dream
Since being brought up watching the Grand Prix with my grandad, I have followed it ever since
I’ve seen many live GP in Silverstone and even driven on it, on a driving experience day put on by Ferrari, which was incredible
So going to what I believe is the pinacle of the Grand Prix, has been my dream since a child, and I am finally living it.
I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to show you guys, and tell you all about my experience
Until then, I am tweeking my nutrition slightly and working super hard in the gym, so I know I will feel comfortable when I get there
Remember leading a healthy lifestyle, means not having to ‘crash diet’ just before a big event or holiday
As you know I have struggled with a few hormonal and stress issues the past few months, so I have cut down on my exercise and concentrated on giving my body a rest
So I’m not going to go crazy the next few weeks just for my holiday, as I know my body is still recovering
But I will be completely on top of the workouts I can do, be extra careful with my food, and walking every single day
hopefully now the weather will start changing and we can all get out and about a little more
I’m looking forward to coming back and taking on a new challenge too
I have decided to buy a road bike, and start going on the weekend for long rides
This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, just never got around to it
Now I can ride a bike, but I have never really done much road biking, so I am a little wary, but also excited to start
I think it’s very important to change your exercise routine up every few months, keeps you interested and keeps giving you results
As much as I stick to my gym routine and vary what I do there, my cardio has slipped loads since I was diagnosed with my back problem
This is due to me not being able to take part in anything high impact, or run on a hard surface etc
I do run, down the beach, usually twice a week, on the sand, which takes away the impact from my back
But I feel I’m missing the cardio from the classes I used to teach and the sprints I did
So I wanted to find something that would accommodate my back problem and something I could do with my friends and boyfriend
I must be honest though, I didn’t realise there was so much to know about bikes
We went this weekend to look at them and it’s a lot more complicated than just picking the pretty pink and white one
And boy are they expensive
So we are taking our time and picking the ones we like and are reasonably priced to start off as we need to start somewhere
The problem with this is that we need to get them asap, as the UK weather isn’t the best and so we want to try and get as many rides in as we can
Since finding out about my back, it’s been hard to adjust my training, and my body has changed, which I haven’t liked
But I am trying my best to do all I can, and try new things that I am able to do
So this is going to be fun, and beneficial for both my fitness and overall health too
The great thing is it is something you can do with others,
I can’t wait for a gang of us to go out on a Sunday, take a really long ride, stop off for some food and ride back
team effort
Supporting, encouraging and motivating others
Bike riding is something that is fun, and doesn’t seem like too much of a chore
And something most people enjoy doing
It is a great idea for families to do together, something that can involve the kids too
So for those of you who struggle finding time to get to the gym or fitness classes, because you can’t get babysitters,
why not do this as a family?
I love a new challenge, and so this is something I am looking forward to
Do you like challenges?
Do you look for something new to keep you interested, and to ensure constant results,
Or do you stick to the same exercise plan always, and not really get anywhere?
Our bodies, lives and environment are all changing constantly,
Therefore, we need to be aware of these changes, and accommodate that into our nutrition and exercise programmes
Remember the more activity you do, the more food (fuel) you need
If your job changes, and you are now more sedentary on a daily basis, then clearly you need to lower your calorie intake
Reduce your carbs accordingly and put more protein and veg in it’s place to prevent hunger and cravings and maintain energy levels
So for instance, once I start going out cycling, I plan on doing at least 20 mile rides, I will ensure I am energised before hand, and ensure I replenish my carbs (energy) after
So on those days, my carb intake will be greater than normal
I know this may sound like too much to plan and organise guys
But once you are in a good routine of assessing your week / day and planning your food accordingly, it will become normal
Hope you all have a great week
Please keep posted for all the new things I learn from the weekends Summit, I will write a blog telling you all on Monday
Have a fab week
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself. Remember health is wealth
Emma xx