Hi all
How’s your week going?
Good I hope
Phew I’ve had a busy one
And if I’m honest I’ve needed a little ass kicking myself lately
I am the type of person that is super busy, but not constructive
So I have taken on a business coach, and wow have I got some work to do
I hear you ask why? as I’ have been in business for 10 years now, so surely I know what I’m doing right?
Well yes I basically know how to run my business,over worked
However, I now have millions of new ideas that I want to action, goals I want to achieve and a life I want to change for the better
Being super busy means I find it hard to put these plans in place and I was getting nowhere….fast!
I can’t say I have a complete system in place yet, but I am doing my best to learn from the best and then implement what they teach me
Sometimes we need a guiding hand to help us on our journey
Life becomes crazy busy and we lose direction
Well that’s exactly what’s happened to me
My head swims with ideas daily and I need to control them, and make them into reality
Any of you like this?
phew it’s tiring!
I feel sometimes like I’m a clown in a circus juggling too many balls,
I get overwhelmed at times and feel like I’m going to drop them all
So enough is enough, time for help!
I’m loving having more structure, and setting time aside to do the tasks I need to get me closer to my goals
Yes sometimes they are time consuming, tedious and I want to scream as I feel I’ve taken on too much
But looking at the bigger picture, I know this is what I must do
Having ideas is one thing, but turning them into reality is another!
And I see this daily with my clients
I support them, bring them in line and guide them onto the path they need to continue their new journey
So I realised I needed someone to do that for me
Because like any fitness and fat loss journey, there has to be a plan
There has to be daily consistency to produce the results
Without this, it’s chaos and you are forever fighting away, barely scratching the surface of what you need to do
Like a lot of people who come to the gym, we see them for a few weeks, with their positive ‘I can do this’ attitude,
Eating really well, training every day
Then, low and behold, we don’t see them for a month again
And this pattern repeats and repeats itself month on month
Well the same has been happening with me and my new goals, they are taking FOREVER!
simply because I have way too much going on and no control over it
Until NOW!
Planner is set every Sunday night ready for the week ahead
I carry my planner everywhere with me and make sure I stick to it
without it I just drudge through my days aimlessly with nothing really getting done!
So here’s my simple recipe for getting shit done!
– Set your goals
– set smaller tasks to be done weekly to move you closer to those goals
– use a journal to plan your week and these tasks
– Be strict and don’t deviate from this
– Every Sunday report what you achieved and tick off the weeks task list, then plan the week to follow
Constructive action plans towards success
I am now less stressed, getting more done, in less time and getting closer to my big goals daily
I love the saying ‘chase 5 rabbits and you wont catch one’
This is exactly what I was doing
Hope this helps you guys and you can see where you are going wrong
For instance workouts and food all need to be prepped and planned
Sunday night you know your working week ahead, plan your workouts and ensure you prep food before you go, so it saves you buying rubbish in the shops
‘ Fail to plan, you plan to fail’
Get shit done peeps!
Have a great week
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx