Hey guys,

Ok, so March is typically the time when people have already started to fall off the fitness and healthy eating wagon

I started seeing this a few weeks ago with some of the gym clients

My one to one clients or small groups don’t have the chance to do this as I am on their case all of the time 😊

Even when they hit a brick wall, get bored of exercise, feel down, and really want to fall off the wagon

We all work as a team and support each other

One of my lovely clients Miss L, has done exactly this though,ex bored

She has had a lot of personal problems and crazy hours in work, so she has found it difficult to get to my sessions the past 2 weeks

Even though I have a tv programme on Bay TV Swansea Virgin Channel 159, Freeview Cahnnel 8,

youtube channel and online videos, sometimes people get suck in a rut

So today was a kick up the butt for Miss L

I have given her home workouts to do when she can’t get to me, and she now has to check in and take pictures of these workouts as accountability

Sometimes this is the only way to stay on track

Commit to something, be accountable to someone else and then it’s not so easy to slack

The problem is in the New Year people jump in head first, which is ok for some, but not everyone

They make huge goals, resolutions and promises to themselves for the New Year, yet by now, they have become disinterested, bored, and less consistent with their actions

Having owned a gym for 10 years now I can read the peaks and troffs like the back of my hand

And I can usually tell the people that will off off too

I have however been surprised a handful of times

The people who really achieve the best results are the ones who maintain a healthy eating plan, regular exercise, yet don’t go to the extreme

Is this YOU?

if so then you’re on the right track, stick with it, remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Achieving and maintaining Results:

Whatever your goal is fitness, fat loss, body shape change, then you need to be committed to that goal.

The same as anything in life, if you want something you have to work hard for it.

Time and time again I see people wanting quick results.

People who don’t actually want to put the work in to achieve these results.

Then unfortunately they won’t get the results they want.

Here is no miracle pill or potion.

Being fit, healthy, lean, muscular, all takes time, effort, determination and commitment.

Taking on board the advice of a professional within that area and trusting in them is important.

As trainers we can give you all the advice and education and even give you the best training sessions possible,

however if you don’t continue the hard work when you go home with your food and removing other toxins from your life like stress etc, then you will not get the results you expect.

As I’m sure your tired of me telling you by now, health and fitness requires a lifestyle change,

something that is maintainable and becomes part of your daily routine, daily, weekly, monthly and even holiday time too.

I have clients who come to me and work hard for a week then I don’t see them for 3 weeks, people who have 3 weeks off over Christmas because they are ‘too busy’ to be fit and healthy,

then they are devastated they have gained 10lb over 3 days Christmas holiday, when in actual fact they didn’t exercise or follow a healthy nutrition plan for 3 weeks not just 3 days.

The same applies with holidays.

I ensure my trainers are the first thing that goes into my suitcase.

Yes I am a normal person I enjoy a holiday, I relax, drink alcohol, but ensure I make good choices with food and do some form of exercise, to compensate for that.

This is because it is a way of life for me that I follow consistently, and can adapt it around anything that goes on in my life.

YOU can do it too!!!!

I can guarantee my clients results if they listen to me and implement the changes they need to make,

however I can’t force them to turn up to the gym and to eat healthy,

So if you really want it, you must live it and you will get the results you want.

Sometimes, being part of a group, where you are accountable for what you are eating, how often you’re exercising, works well

And for my clients, our online support group is the key to their success

Find a group, friend or coach to keep you on track!

Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, health is wealth

Emma xx