Hi guys
So I had a lovely few days break in Spain, catching up with all my lovely friends
Weather wasn’t great, but it didn’t matter as we had a lovely break
it just went too quickly
and as always I came back with the holiday blues
I’m sure like most people after a fab holiday
However, for me, Spain is my second home, and if I’m honest I would love to go back there one day to live
I have incredible friends there, well more like a second family
And leaving them, the sun and the happy way of life there, is soooooo difficult for me
Also having suffered with depression for the past 15 years, this is a major trigger for me
luckily I recognise the triggers and I quickly put tools in place to deal with them
Unfortunately, lots of people that suffer with depression, have no idea how to manage it
Also admitting to having depression, anxiety or any stress related illness is the first and most important part of dealing with it
I absolutely felt for singer James Arthur admitting his struggle with depression and anxiety this week
How brave being a superstar and coming out on national media with his story
This is so inspirational, because a lot of people are ashamed to admit they have it
Yet when they see someone so big in the public eye admit their struggle
This really makes them feel at ease, accept their struggle and possibly encourage them to seek help and advice for it
As much as we never want people to suffer
Hearing other’s stories can really make a difference to us
Depression is such a lonely illness
It’s something we feel should be unspoken
Something that people frown upon
Something that people see as a ‘cop out’
an excuse
and believe me as a sufferer, it is none of these things
It is something that consumes your whole being
Something that can be indescribable
something that can completely take over your life, for no apparent reason
It can make you feel like you have no one or nothing else in the world
you feel the lowest of the low
You just want someone to come along give you a hug and make everything ok again
But you know that is unlikely to happen
Like I said depression and anxiety have been frowned upon for years
And unfortunately it is still not something people are quick to admit to having
which is a shame
but an even bigger shame is that GP’s don’t help patients either
instead they hand them a bag of drugs and send them away
Without even trying to send them for help first
This annoys me so much
As a sufferer, having has to seek help and advice myself, for this exact reason
I was handed pills, which I refused to take
I set myself the task of getting better
Researching my illness and following people that could help me
I eventually invested in a coach
This was the best decision I ever made
Yes it was pricey, but wow did it change my life!
I regained clarity, began to believe in myself again and found direction when I was completely lost
This then pushed me to become a coach and help others myself as I felt so drawn to this
Having suffered myself for so long, and learning how to get better and manage my illness, made me want to help others in the same way
That’s why I created the Lifehspaer Coaching Programme
and the results have been incredible!
from young women who have absolutely no self confidence what so ever
To business executives who are under a mass amount of stress
These people all needed a guiding hand in refocusing and redirecting their lives
To overall become happier, then fitter and healthier too
so many people base happiness on being fit and having a nice body
however, they always seem to struggle in getting this
This is because they have underlying issues that are preventing them from achieving these results
This is always mind related
Stress, depression, anxiety and lots more are possible causes
and therefore, need to be targeted first, to enable them to give commitment to then achieving the body they want too
Again a healthy mind equals a healthy body
Like the James Arthur interview shows, this depression can effect anyone, but it can also be beaten by anyone too
Check his interview out HERE
And for a FREE consultation, tips and tools to use to help manage stress, depression and anxiety register HERE
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, health is wealth
Emma xx