Hi all
Feelings, emotions, behaviours can all affect your mood, and happiness and ultimately our health
as a coach, and having worked a lot on my own mindset, this is something that comes up very regularly
Clients feeling
Upsets, can have a massive influence on your whole day, week, month etcinner peace
How we allow our emotions to take hold of us is vitally important to how positive, and successful our lives will be
I’m sure you have all had an argument with a loved one, had bad news or even read something that has upset you
To the point you are uncontrollably emotional, what you are doing has to stop, and you struggle to function normally
It’s horrendous when this happens
and this will impact your whole life
It is a massive stress on the body, so will have a knock on effect on sleep, nutrition and motivation to exercise
the stress will also cause your body to store fat
Learning to manage your emotions better, as well as controlling negative situations is vital to prevent these times completely taking over your life
I’m not sure how many of you are sensitive like myself, but boy when people mistreat me or people close to me it really gets to me
I feel very hurt, upset and disappointed
And honestly as much as my mindset really is great, sometimes I too let these things effect me
we are all human and unfortunately our emotions take over when we really don’t want or expect them to
They can be uncontrollable!
and no matter how strong we believe we are
Or in my case how in control of my emotions I feel I am most of the time
Some things just knock you off your feet and evoke emotions you are not used to and definitely don’t like
I am so much better than when I was younger, where then, I would have doubted myself
I would have questioned what I had done wrong and gone over and over things in my head to try and find a reasonable explanation
When actually, there never is onw, other than the other person had behaved poorly
With all of the work I have done on myself, I am very confident that I treat people well
In fact I could actually say I go above and beyond to help others and sometimes even put them before myself,
which is something I am currently working on improving
I am the type of person that will bend over backwards to help and support others, especially those close to me and those who touch my life every day
How you treat people is a reflection on your character
and Integrity is the best business car you could ever produce
A lot of people will talk the talk and seem to be the nicest ever, at face value
Yet their actions, and behaviours do not match up with this
We come across these people regularly and if your a sensitive soul like me, sometimes their poor behaviour can negatively affect you
It is so important that you believe in yourself
You live each day confident that you are being the best person you can possibly be
Know that you treat people well
Know that you do the best you can
Then you’re half way there
One of the first tasks I give my coaching clients is to encourage them to get to know themselves
SO many people have lost their identity
They race around looking after a family, and following the crowds, living a life they feel they should lead
Not the one they actually want to
getting back to basics, writing down who YOU are and what you stand for, like a company mission statement is so important to move past the upset that can be caused by other’s behaviour
We can’t promise our emotions won’t come and kick us in the butt again, but with true INTEGRITY you can deal with these situations better
As ultimately you will know you did nothing to deserve their treatment of you
You can hold your head up high, walk confidently forward knowing you were always true to yourself and your character
Learn to believe in YOU! with my Lifeshaper coaching programme
And live the life YOU want, with no worry, comparison, or influence from others
So today, start making positive changes, don’t let other’s behaviours influence you negatively where you retaliate
Be the better person and show your strength in character
Treat people the way you expect to be treated, whether they do or not
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Stay strong, know your own worth and believe
Love as always
Emma xx