Hi all
Well I thought that last year flew bye, yet January went super quickly
And usually by now, clients would have gotten bored and fallen off the wagon, but I am happy to say that they haven’t
I’m actually very proud of my lovely ladies, on my fat loss programme as they have done incredibly well
Losing inches, pounds and body fat
At the start of a programme, I always do a seminar to teach my clients all about nutrition, hormones, stress, and everything they need to know to start leading a healthy lifestyle
However, it is a lot to take in, I try to make it as easy as possible for them, but it can be overwhelming
My main aim is to avoid getting them in ‘DIET’ mindset
So many people fall into the ‘DIET’ trap when they are desperate to lose weight and quickly
So they starve their bodies, crash their metabolisms and fall off the wagon quickly as it’s not maintainable, and put all the weight back on…..plus more!
And this is a continuum for lots of people, every few months
Unfortunately resulting in yo yo dieting…..FOREVER!
Now 2 of my lovely ladies have fallen into this trap
We are half way through their 6 week programme, and so I do measurements and body stats
They have both lost a huge amount of weight in a short space of time, by eating too little and cutting their calories massively
Yes we need to cut calories for weight loss, however, this is a fat loss programme, which is so much healthier than weight loss and so we want sustainable results!
So to achieve this we have to be mindful of our activity level, carbohydrate requirement, stress levels and lots more
When cutting back, getting rid of the ‘JUNK FOOD’ is a priority, but this has to be replaced with healthy, whole, clean foods and not just removed with nothing in it’s place
Food is our energy, so we need enough of it to allow us to carry on with our daily lives
It is also important that we provide it with the correct foods that give us the valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we need to run efficiently
I love using the analogy of a car and petrol / diesel
Our petrol car will not run properly if we put diesel in it
It also won’t get us very far if we only put a small amount of fuel in
And this is the same as filling our bodies with man made refined, junk food
Yes we will survive, as luckily our machine (body) is a lot more superior than a car and it will survive without breaking down immediately……..
….BUT over time, that will eventually happen, slowly!
So taking small baby steps and gradually removing the bad things from your lifestyle, replacing them with good, is the BEST way to get results and to keep them
Taking a massive leap into it and overwhelming yourself with changing everything straight away, will NOT work!
remember a lifestyle change is forever, it is NOT a quick fix
So we have had a good chat and got my lovely ladies back on track,
totally see where they went wrong and what they have to do to put it right
So guys that being said, I hope these small tips help you along the way too
Have a fantastic weekend
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx
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