Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker Introduction

Carla Shohet, Family and motherhood.

Carla has a wealth of experience in psychology and is coming to chat to us about family life, the pressures of juggling family and career and most importantly for all the ladies out there, the loss of self we feel after becoming mums.

Family & Parenting 

Guest Speaker Introduction

Katherine Anne Byam

Valuing yourself and your time. Giving versus Receiving. Alternative health therapies. Finding Purpose.




Guest Speaker Introduction

Sue Worrall Nutritionist


Sue is a very highly qualified, extremely knowledgeable power house of information, Sue is a Nutritionist and has worked with several athletes, teams and private clinics in London.


Guest Speaker Introduction

Abigail Langridge Life Organisation


Abigail is going to give us some advice on planning our life better and getting on top of the daily and weekly tasks we tend to put off because we are so busy, which then cause us massive stress.


Life Organisation

Guest Speaker Introduction

Carol Fare



Carol is The Marriage Coach. She help mums give their marriage one last chance. She’s also a wife and mum and knows all about the real-life pressures of trying to juggle being a modern working married mum.


Guest Speaker Introduction

Leanne Naylor




Sleep Expert

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Heidi Phillips




Anxiety Coach

Guest Speaker Introduction

Svetla Archard




Essential Oils 

Guest Speaker Introduction

Amanda Jones




Beautician & Skin Care Expert

Guest Speaker Introduction

Michelle Wright




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