Getting to know me, 40 facts in 40 days

Me and social media, well where do I start. Honestly if it wasn’t such a good business tool, I wouldn’t be on it.

I am a private person, so am reluctant to show the world my personal life. I do it, as I know it gets people to know and like me who may possibly want to work with me.

I only show what I want to, but in my type of business it’s very important to be real, show your true self, warts and all.

I suppose as I have always been a self-conscious person, I find that difficult to do.

I see so many people in business using social media to their full advantage, doing live feeds, making videos, posting daily.

1 I now don’t have the time to put into this, and 2 I honestly find it hard to do those things constantly.

I don’t look good all of the time, I have wrinkles, bad hair days and days I have no bloody idea what to say.

I can speak in a seminar of 100 people and real off my knowledge and experience within my field. I love talking and feel comfortable within that audience, but on the big WWW, it seems to be more intimidating for me.

Another big reason I feel uncomfortable with it, is that I see so much BULLSHIT on there, that I then feel I don’t want to be a part of that.

I have never been a fake person, and can’t stand seeing quotes or posts meant for people that those posting them haven’t had the decency to speak to. They just air their dirty laundry in public.

I couldn’t think of anything worse, and honestly hand on heart, everything I post is because it’s work related, how I think or feel as a person (not about someone else) and sometimes just because I seen it, liked it and re-post it myself.

If I have ever posted anything about someone else, believe me I have confronted them about it too.

So much game playing, false illusions and plenty of complete nonsense fills my social media feeds now, that I don’t even look at them. I post my own stuff, and if I happen to see something I like whilst in posting, I like, comment or share. Otherwise I don’t see things, as I don’t go trawling through it all.

So, doing this task of 40 facts in 40 days honestly, yes is business related. I’ve done enough business seminars to know you have to build a tribe, get people to like and love you, before they will ever want to become a client.

And with having so much time off since having my baby, it’s time I rebuilt that. And find my identity again.

This was also a way of me finding the confidence to post more, be real and show who I am. I’m finding it hard, but also enjoying it.

I hope you’re all enjoying my posts, and keep tuned in to the end.

Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth

Emma xx