Hi all
So what has been the highlight of your week this week?
I have had a few, but something that I feel happy about is weighing and seeing I am the heaviest I have been in my life, yet I wasn’t stressed or worried at all
I’m actually the happiest I have ever been in my life, and the result of putting on weight is going to be the most precious thing ever, our baby.
I totally believe that the work I have done on myself and my mindset really has helped loads with this too
And as I keep saying to you guys, Mindset honestly does matter the most
In every single thing we do
I have been told some very negative, in fact horror stories about pregnancy and child birth, about weight gain, stretch marks and horrific surgeries as a result of the birth
Yet, my choice is to ignore all of the negative talk and make this experience my own
I am embracing it, and taking the bad with the good, knowing deep down the end result is going to be amazing
I feel that this will help me through the pregnancy and birth, so much better than stressing along the way, over the stories I have been told
How we deal with situations, how we speak to ourselves and others, and how we manage our lives, all plays a huge part in our overall happiness, and therefore health and well being
10 years ago, I would have definitely dealt with this very differently
I would have been watching my weight increase daily
I would have been stressed out about that, the fact I have had to reduce my exercise, and the fact that my eating is different
And I would have worried
But now, I see things differently
Coaching has changed me as a person and how I run my whole life
And I love passing this on to my clients and helping them too
I feel it’s very important that we assess every situation and become aware of our thoughts, self talk, actions and behaviours as a result of this
Then, and only then can we really improve as a person and truly lead a happier life
This week, I read a great post from one of my mentors, an amazing guy, who I have learnt a lot from, Dr Jade Teta
Jade posted about self talk and how the speech we have with ourselves and others can create our environment,
And dictate whether this become negative or positive
If we are willing to engage in conversation about others, give our opinions and judgements, then we are not acting in line with our true beliefs, morals and integrity
We expect people to be nice about us, not talk behind our backs and not think badly of us, yet when we do this to others, we are proving that we are no better
We should all have an honour code
A code we live by showing our beliefs, morals and how we want to run our lives
We also need to stick to that honour code and speak and act this in everything we do
it is all well and good saying you’re an honest, kind, caring person, but does that show in all you say and do?
are you really true to yourself and your beliefs?
You can’t judge others for acting poorly, if you are not showing up and acting by your honour code consistently
You’d be a complete hypocrite right?
So who are you really?
How do you want to be seen by others?
and how do you want to lead your life?
I get each of my coaching clients to write a personal statement including all of the above
Something that is a guide for them to live by
And in order to be the best version of YOU, that you possibly can be
Like with my pregnancy, I have written down exactly how I want to be, how I want people to see me and what I am not prepared to do
I will stick by this no matter what, as this is part of my honour code
another huge part of my honour code is treat people kindly and do all I can to help people
has this backfired on me, bit me in the ass, and left me hurt and upset many times in the past?
Absolutely yes it has
But that isn’t going to now make me go back on my honour code, and change how I treat people
I am still going to do the best job I possibly can to behave this way, as this is me!
How others respond or react and then treat me in return, is really no concern of mine
I can always walk away, head held high and say I did the best I could
I was true to myself
Can you always say this?
I haven’t always been able to, as I said 10, actually even 7 years ago, before I started coaching, had myself a coach and did a lot of work on myself, and others, which made me a better person, I did not always with integrity
I didn’t always show up as the real me every single time
I have always been very straight and had to tell people what I think, if they have upset me, which hasn’t always been in my favour
Moving forward and something I have worked a lot on, especially recently, is to avoid conflict
Unless someone asks for your opinion, then there is no need to voice it loudly, as this is your personal business, and you cannot expect others to agree
I assess people and situations for myself, and have now learnt to avoid those that could possibly do me harm or cause me to be uncomfortable
So working on yourself, personal development is not a woo woo fad
I feel it is getting more and more recognised worldwide and more accepted
None of us are perfect, we all need to be aware of who we are, what we stand for and how we behave and react
It is never too late to improve yourself, to understand yourself better and to become a better version of YOU
These are all things we work on in my 12 week coaching programme, with weekly tasks and group calls, online support group and lots of help and advice to leading a fitter happier, healthier lifestyle
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So guys, have a little think about how you talk to both yourself and others, and if you are not happy with this or what it says about you, then make changes that truly reflect who you are
Have a fab weekend
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx