Well what can I say other than ‘AMAZING!!!!’

In August I attended the Zumba Convention in Orlando with friends. The Convention was four amazing days of Masterclasses from the best of the best Zes’s and the main man himself Beto. Zumba wear shop and lots of fitness industry stalls showcasing new products. There were not many other instructors from the UK, but lots from all over the World. The Americans welcomed us with open arms and were very lovely.

My favourite part of the Weekend was a Masterclass with Steve Boedt ‘A Tribute to the King of Pop’ my idol Michael Jackson. Steve was amazing and we also had a suprise visit from Beto who did a few tracks up on stage too. It was very emotional and the atmosphere in the room was electric. I even got chance to get up on stage with Steve which was great.

In the evenings we had parties including a fancy dress theme night. There were guest singers including Sean Paul who again was amazing and we all had a fab time.The talent at this event was unbelievable with lots of professional dancers. The party evenings were full of little ‘dance off’ contests going on it was sooo impressive I loved it! My friends and I didn’t take fancy dress outfits, so we improvised and made Grecian godess outfits from the towel napkins from the restaraunt…everyone loved them!

I picked up lots from the convention and it really inspired me. I have always loved dancing and to pass that love and enthusiasm onto my clients is great. I love to see their happy faces when I teach a cool routine to their favourite song. Zumba for me is a way of keeping up my dancing and I believe it is an excellent way for people to stay in shape and have super fun whilst doing so. Not everyone wants to beast themselves in one of my personal training sessions or a bootcamp session. I am a strong believer in doing what you enjoy, exercise and fitness should not be a chore it should be enjoyable. I also give my clients lots of extra support with their health and nutrition so Zumba then becomes part of a healthy lifestyle for them.

Lots of Zumba Love!!!