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Hi all and welcome to the programme

You need to be working out 4 times per week, try to do at least 2 cardio sessions and 2 weighted, plus walk as regularly as you can.

If you have any health issues that I need to know about then please contact me separately before taking part in the workouts. You may also require permission from a doctor to take part first.

The workouts are all 15 minute videos, with myself coaching you through each session, motivating and teaching you along the way.

Please follow my instructions on the videos, as technique is very important for your safety.

You will need a mat, a set of dumbells, water and a towel for each workout.

With the dumbells, please be sensible. If you haven’t done this type of workout before, then please start off with lighter weights. Ensure your technique is good and are safe. Once you get all of the safety aspects right, and you get a little stronger, then you can increase your weight.

The heavier you lift, the more fat-burning effect you will get from the workout, but please be sensible and listen to your body. I would rather you start off slow and safe, then increase from there.

I have explained all of this and advised on how to choose a weight in the corresponding video, please watch before you take part in the workouts.

As the programme progresses, then the intensity of the workouts increases too, and the exercises get harder, but please remember this is your workout, just do your best. Rest when you need to and come back in as soon as you can. Yes, you want to push yourself, but please do not over do it and make yourself ill.

Again the private facebook group is for feedback, questions and learning, so interact in there telling me how your workouts are going and letting me know if you are stuck with anything. Your success in this programme is dependent on your commitment to it, and if you are in the group regularly this will encourage you to stay consistent with the work.

Good luck!

Emma xx

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