6 week of finding calm amongst the chaos

Health and Happiness starts with self-love 

Summer time is typically when most mums forget about themselves and get worn out rushing from work, to do activities with kids.

 With first hand experience of this and 15 years of coaching mums just like you, I have created the 6 week Self-love Summer programme to help you get through it with minimum impact on your mental and physical health and happiness. 

As a group, we will work together to manage stress, keep active, make better food choice and most importantly to like, love, accept and believe in yourself.

Daily educational emails with tips and advice

Learn to make time for YOU

Short, easy to follow live and pre-recorded workouts

Regain clear confidence

Understand healthy hormone balance

Implement a healthy lifestyle

Stress less

Does this sound like you?Does this sound like you?

– Rushing around to please everyone.

– Feeling low on energy, moody, snappy with loved ones and hating yourself for it.

– Grabbing quick, convenience food due to lack of time and motivation.

– Drinking more alcohol, getting less sleep and enjoyoing the party season with zero relax or recovery.


What you get:

Daily educational and motivational emails

Online Support Community

Health and Happiness webinar

Weekly live workouts.

Relax and Revive sessions, live and pre-recorded

Workbooks, handouts and guides

Why this programme is for YOU


I have first hand experience of busy, mum life, stress, burnout and even depression.

As well as my own personal experience, I am a qualified life and mindset coach, NLP practitioner and mental and physical wellbeing coach.

I have lived the chaotic lifestyle of poor choices and lack of self love, self confidence and self belief.

I want to help other mums realise that they matter too.

I want YOU to love yourself and be so self aware, that you never feel lonely, swamped and lacking control of your life, health and happiness again.



Emma Jay


Hi, I am Emma.

I am a finalist in the Womenspire awards 2019, having a regular spot on Swansea Bay radio and a healthy lifestyle show on Swansea Bay TV.


I am also super proud to be a co-author of a book called ‘The Bounce Back Journey of Women’s Health’ a book filled with amazing inspirational stories.

I have spent the past 15 years helping people, mostly women regain confidence and find a passion for life again which helps them lead happier, healthier lives.

As a Personal trainer, nutrition coach, life coach, Mindset Coach and NLP practitioner, I have combined my knowledge and personal experience to create my signature programmes focusing on stress and burnout and how to regain a healthy mind and body for a successful life and career.

I will help you gain self awareness, self love and self belief whilst guiding you to create an easy step by step pathway to a life you love.

Meet your coach

Why I’m the perfect Coach for You

My own Personal Journey

I truly believe, that to be a good coach, you must have experience in your chosen area too. 

I have suffered from chronic stress, fatigue, burnout and depression and unfortunately postnatal depression too.

I have had times where I have felt so low I couldn’t get out of bed, and that big deep dark hole was impossible to climb out of alone.

I have spent years of my life and thousands of pounds on personal development and qualifications to help myself and others who struggle with stress.

I know how stress negatively impacts the mind and body and I know how to create calm when everything seems like chaos.

I am so passionate about helping others get passed their fears and be happy and healthy again, because I hate the thought of anyone feeling how I did. Alone, insecure, fragile and scared that this would never change. 

I want to help YOU!






“I completed Emma’s 28 day Stress Shaper programme, which was daily emails of advice and support. I wasn’t in a great place with stress, anxiety and generally feeling unhealthy. I felt the self start programme was great for me and gave me easy to follow tips, which I was able to implement myself. I loved the programme so much, I felt I needed more from Emma and went on to complete a full day’s intense coaching with her, which totally changed how I seen myself and gave me the motivation and tools I needed to carry on with her teachings. I highly recommend Emma’s programmes. 


Lauren Lewis

“The Stress shaper 28 day email course was fantastic. This was a great foundation for me, as I had been wanting to join on to Emma’s Frive programme, but missed the start date. I’m really glad I did this first now, as it gave me a great start in understanding myself, my stress and what small changes I needed to make to take back control of my life. I then went on to complete Frive, which was an incredible experience for me and meant I have gained confidence, found a love for exercise and healthy eating again and finally understood my body better.”


Jo Hazlewood

“The content of the programme was very useful and enjoyable. The information on how stress affects our bodies both physically and mentally was an eye opener for me. I loved how it was so easy to follow, nothing was pushed onto me, I just took my time with the daily emails, followed the tips and advice Emma was giving and made small changes. I honestly can’t believe that I was missing some very basic steps in my life, to ensure I was looking after myself. I feel that life got very blurred at one point, stress was high, health was poor, I kept picking up illnesses and I was tired all the time. I’m so happy I chose the programme, it has helped me make a lot of positive changes. The support community was also great. I felt that really kept me motivated”


Sue Davies



25th July 2022