Female Empowerment Day

“Females reclaiming inspiration and vibrancy that’s everlasting”

Wanting a successful career and a happy, calm family life, whilst also feeling energised, healthy and happy can be tough.

We know, we’ve been there!

Burnout is easily achieved when you’re trying to be the perceived ‘SUPERWOMAN’

Join us on our ‘Female Empowerment Day’ where we will help you learn to:

Awaken you own self awareness
Calm the busy brain
Recognise behaviours and biases that aren’t serving you well
Regain clear confidence
Understand healthy hormone balance
Implement a healthy lifestyle

Stress less

Life can be a challenge and often as females we find ourselves managing multiple tasks, often putting ourselves last on a VERY long list!

Do you find yourself ever wondering if there is more to life?

Do you want to get off the ‘hamster wheel’ of the daily grind?

Are you sick of just surviving? Would you like to FRIVE?

If these questions resonate with you, then our one day empowerment day is just what you need:

Do I really know myself?

Do I often feel swamped?

Do I compare myself to others?

Do I think others are managing much better than me?

Do I sometimes lack confidence?

Do I think that I am constantly upsetting other people?

Overview of the day:


Set in the idyllic village of Merthyr Mawr, with picturesque walks and a sense of calm and tranquility, the venue is the perfect place to reset and FRIVE.

The day will run from 10am – 4pm and will include:

a grounding nature walk

a healthy lunch

a relax and revive session

Emma Jay


Finalist in the Womenspire awards 2019, having a regular spot on Swansea Bay radio and a healthy lifestyle show on Swansea Bay TV, Emma has spent the past 15 years helping women lead happier, healthier lives.

As a Personal trainer, nutrition, life and Mindset Coach, Emma has combined her knowledge and personal experience to create her signature programmes focusing on stress and burnout and how to regain a healthy mind and body for a successful life and career.

Emma will help you gain self awareness, self love and self belief whilst guiding you to create an easy step by step pathway to a life you love.

Meet your coaches

Sally Brooks


With over 18 experience in professional people development, Sally is passionate about helping people, especially women and girls, recognise their true value and connect with their own self worth. 

Having held multiple senior leadership roles, Sally fully understands the feelings associated with overwhelm and imposter syndrome and through her work as a trainer and coach seeks to share the coping strategies that she has identified with others.

Sally will help you develop your own self awareness through the power of Insights Discovery and will gently challenge you to explore your own limiting beliefs before equipping you with the tools you need to be the best version of you.


“I very much enjoyed the Frive Wellness day with Emma and Sally. Their experience and knowledge is second to none, both provide information that has most definitely opened my eyes and will benefit forever”


Liz Jones

“This was a lovely, enjoyable day. Sally and Emma are both knowledgeable but also relatable and work well together to create a really special event. You will leave feeling more capable and less frazzled.”


Sam Evans

“The Frive day was a lovely, I really enjoyed. I felt the venue was perfect, so beautiful and relaxing. The refreshments and lunch were in keeping with the theme too,
The content of the day was very useful and enjoyable. The information on how stress affects our bodies both physically and mentally, and our personality colours were interesting and enlightening”


Beckie Poucher

Upcoming Event dates:


30th April 2022