Being a fit mum, over 40 can be a struggle for many women.

I never truly understood this, until having a little girl at the age of 39. I truly thought that she would just fit into our lives easily and nothing much would change.

WOW, did I have a rude awakening!

Being a new mum is incredible, it’s exciting, it’s special and you’re on a high in the very beginning from the happy hormones running through your body.

You are out every day showing off this new amazing little person, you’re walking and eating well to get your body back asap and you’re taking pics of how amazing you’re doing.

However, once the lack of sleep kicks in, you’re exhausted, have brain fog and can barely remember to eat let alone contemplate doing a workout, everything changes.

All of a sudden, something you used to love (exercise) is now the thing you least desire, as you mentally or physically can’t see how it’s possible.

You eat quick, convenient food (when you remember) and for many mums they drink coffee all day long trying to get them through the day.

I’m lucky I don’ like coffee, but diet coke, wow that was my life saver on times, with a bar of chocolate of course.

So, when do you fit time in to exercise too?

Many women just don’t, one they don’t have the time and two, they have zero motivation.

I’ve coached so many women over the past 15 years, that have told me this very story and I literally didn’t believe them, until it happened to me. Honestly, I thought they were making excuses (I’m not mean honestly, I just have heard so many excuses and made lots myself too)

So, for me, my route back to exercise was simply walking as often as I can, for my mental wellbeing mostly, but getting the steps in, when you, live up the top of a few very steep hills, is good for the body too.

Just moving and usually moving with Quinn strapped to me, or playing games with her that involved squats, press ups, lunges holding her or jumping over her. I just made it fun and worked on my mindset, to stop overthinking not being able to face going to the gym.

I honestly feel that as women we put way too much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect career, be the perfect mum (there’s no such thing by the way) and to also look after ourselves, to look and feel good.

When ultimately, we need to stop, assess what the hell is going on and just give ourselves a pat on the back for doing the best we can.

None of us are perfect, and Instagram life is NOT real, so we need to stop pushing for that and accept who and where we are right now, and just do the best we can and be happy with that.

Just remember they are not young for long, for me putting my business on hold, putting my ‘gym life’ down the list of priorities more and taking time to appreciate this amazing little girl I have was much more important.

We can be fit after 40 we can be a mum a professional and still look and feel good, but only when we take a step back and allow ourselves time, slow consistent steps daily are much more productive that extreme measures now and again.

So, give yourself a big cuddle, have a beer, or a glass of wine, whatever is your ‘thing’ and remember you’re awesome.