From fear to excitement

Saturday, my husband and I went zip wiring. This was my choice and my anniversary present to us, as we have both always loved to do fun, exciting and daring things.

However, I will admit, I was completely filled with fear when I got to the top for the first zip.

Let’s rewind a little here and tell you a bit about me.

I have always been a dare devil, crazy lady, never seeing fear, until my little girl was born, which changed me completely.

As a mum, I now see danger everywhere and have some irrational thoughts quite often of not being here to see my little girl grow up.

Now, I’m not a crazy lady before you think I am, but I was 39 having Quinn and I worry a lot about being an older mum and not being here for her.

I’m sure many of you mums reading this will totally understand.

Anyhow, I suppose I am a little lucky in that I work a lot with the mind and psychology and I am able to utilise tools to help me overcome mental obstacles such as this.

Whilst waiting in the que for the first zip, surrounded by a combination of overly excited adrenaline junkies and the complete opposite, people consumed with fear, wanting to turn back, like myself. This was tough. I wanted to tell everyone to ‘shut up’ and I couldn’t.

I wanted to get back on the mini bus that had taken us up the mountain, but it had left.

I wanted to kill my husband who was teasing me and completely oblivious to the fact I was petrified and all these irrational thoughts were flying around my head and causing me extreme anxiety.

So, I stopped. I took a deep breath and remembered that I got this, this kinda stuff is what I help other people overcome, these feelings, these emotions this overwhelm was all familiar to me and I knew deep down I could overcome it.

So right there I blocked everyone out and used an NLP technique called anchoring.

Knowing I can get fearful, I have previously created an anchor of excitement to overcome this fear, and so I shut out the world and used this to my advantage.

I reminded myself how strong I am, how much I love fun and excitement and how in reality hundred of people were doing this exact thing each day and were totally fine, so I would be too.

Sounds simple right?

But, it’s not!

Many people live daily with extreme negative emotions and have no idea how to deal with them, reduce them and get over them.

There is a lot of support and help available, it just needs to be the right time for you to seek that help.

Life coaching and NLP has changed my life for the better, it’s helped me manage my depression better and get familiar with my emotional triggers and put things in place to prevent them knocking me off my feet. I’ve also used my training on hundreds of clients and friends who have also had fantastic results.

I can help you too.

Check out my BOOK ME section to book a FREE coaching call to get you on the right path.

Remember, stress of any kind is normal and the mind and body are built to deal with it, we just sometimes need to take control of how it responds ourselves.