Getting to Know me. 40 fact in 40 days.

I created a special, unique ladies gym and I love it!

My car accident changed me completely.

Back in 2002 I had a car accident which left me with a hole in my head, severe migraines and blackouts, depression and anxiety.

After years of being a fitness fanatic, playing sports for school, county and country I suddenly hated entering a gym with lots of people and felt like I was alone and had nowhere to go that would understand all I was going through. Nowhere to support me properly and nowhere to give me the extra attention, and I suppose love that I needed.

I knew if I felt this way, and I had exercised my whole life, then other women must feel just as bad and in just as much need for extra love, care and attention to get fit and healthy.

So With the support of my amazing mum, I decided to get more Qualifications and open my own, ladies only gym, where we would not only offer exercise and nutrition support, but somewhere we would make a friendly, loving, supportive environment, where women of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities and insecurities could come, get fitter, happier and healthier.

I didn’t want to create a hardcore, kick ass, military style gym where the staff were popping with muscles and pushing people to do things they didn’t want to do.

I wanted somewhere people felt safe, where they could talk to us and get our professional help, advice and support with any illness, injury or personal obstacle they may feel was standing in their way.

We created Shapes to be something special!

A little family.

A network of people who really cared for one another.

Not everyone wants to compete, be an athlete, or get up on stage in muscle comps. The majority of people just want to get fitter, look good in their clothes and ultimately feel good about themselves.

I realised very quickly that I only wanted to work with the people who couldn’t do it themselves, the people that had no motivation and who wanted just to feel better, manage their stressful lives better and feel happy and healthy.

Those people are my ,life , my love and my passion.

Helping people who really need and want help.

We’ve had 12 amazing years doing just this at Shapes and loved every minute of it. Our staff have been people who feel just as passionate about how special and different Shapes is, people who fit in and have the same passion for the place as we do. Long may this very special place continue xx