Good morning all
I’m sorry I didn’t send out an email last week
To be completely honest, I am at that stage in my pregnancy now where everything is hard work
I am still working long hours, training often and trying to stay on track with my business
BUT it’s hard
I get now why women take 9 months maternity leave, but unfortunately that’s not possible for me, and if I’m honest, I’d be bored anyway
So please excuse me if sometimes I am a little off track with things
Baby Brain is actually a thing, and I;m finding all the things I used to be capable of doing in 1 day, way too much for me
But, I am doing my best, and not punishing myself
As this is a very special time in my life, and I want to enjoy it too
I think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to be the best, to work harder, to earn more money
And this unfortunately means we miss out on the important things in life, the here and now, our loved ones and being happy NOW
and this is something a lot of people struggle to manage throughout finding  a healthy lifestyle
So many people love their lifestyle, going out, socialising, holidays, busy job with lots of meetings, trips etc
and feel that then trying to be healthy too, just doesn’t fit in with this
BUT this is because their mindset is set to ‘all or nothing’ and they cannot seem to get their heads around a consistent healthy lifestyle, living in moderation, where they still enjoy the things they love, but manage the rest of their time better
and honestly I could quite easily slip into this mindset at the moment
It would be so easy for me to just give up my daily routines now, I feel big, slow and in pain a lot of the time, so juggling work, training and business is hard
BUT! I am focused on my goals and as much as I am not 100% committed to them, I am 60% which is better than nothing at all
I refuse to let myself completely slip of track, yet I am allowing myself to enjoy this time too
I love it when this mindset clicks with my clients, and last week we had fantastic results from the lovely Janinne who has been with me since June, having started on my fat loss programme
Janinne took on everything I taught her in the seminar
She has made sure she does her 3 workouts with me weekly, as well as her 2 cardio sessions herself, and she has completely changed her thought process on food and her need for it
She has done amazing losing 24 pounds and 20.7 inches as well as 4.4% body fat
Now you may think, well that’s not really a lot since June, however she was not excessively over weight then, but most importantly why I want to tell you about Janinne is because she joined in June, then had 2 holidays away with the kids in the summer, which did not effect her routine one bit
She completely stayed on track, allowing herself small treats while away, but staying super active and making sure she wasn’t giving in to temptation daily, which can be so easy on holiday
She kept in our private accountability group, taking pictures of her food and exercise so she couldn’t slack off
She asked questions and made sure she knew what better choices to make in all circumstances, and that’s exactly what she did
Made better choices!
As well as the holidays, Janinne has had huge upheaval at home renovating her house, so was without full use of her kitchen at one point too
did she turn to take aways, junk food and convenience?
Absolutely not!
She made the best of a bad situation and stayed on track at least 60%
being consistent with these changes
Learning to ditch ‘all or nothing’ ‘diet’ mindset
And finally learning to lead a consistent long term healthy lifestyle, is what has enabled Janinne to lose this weight and inches, but most of all enabled her to feel fantastic, energised, happy and strong
CONSISTENCY really is key guys and even if the effort isn’t 100% doing what you can daily will still show great results
Being extreme on and off your goals every few months, will never ever get you anywhere, it will only create stress, anxiety and self hate
A constant extreme high, then low will only leave you feeling like a failure
When you don’ have to be
By just simply planning your week ahead and managing it better, you will eventually get fantastic, long lasting results
Instead of constantly looking for the quick fix, the magic pill or portion and blaming everything else for your lack of success
I have created a programme where we focus on all of this first, then add in exercise and good nutrition too
But primarily, I believe what is missing for most people in the search of their goals, is clarity, direction and self discipline
With someone to guide you, support you and keep you accountable, this is so much easier
And as a special Early Bird offer, I am giving a huge discount on this programme ready to start in January
I will set you weekly coaching tasks, which we meet online on a group call to discuss and do together
I will support you in a private group and keep you accountable for your progress
You also get:
– workout videos to follow
– healthy recipes to prevent boredom
– Mindset workbook to plan and execute your goals
– my full support throughout the 12 weeks
I have helped hundreds of people change their lives for the better, from starting with what’s holding you back
This is NOT just a fitness and fat loss programme!
Primarily this is a Life Change programme
I coach people who are ‘stuck’ in their lives, to find a way out and chase the life they really want
If this is you and you are at the point where nothing has ever worked for you
You feel like a failure
You have lots of hopes and dreams, but no idea how you will ever achieve them
You are help back by your own lack of self belief
Then sign up NOW and make 2018 your year of change
I look forward to seeing you all on my calls in January
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx