Good morning all
Motivation Monday!
So with Christmas just around the corner, I think it is important to remind you that permanent change and long lasting results take time
If you are looking to change your lifestyle, lose weight, get fitter, happier and healthier, then NOW is the time to start
I see so many people put off the hard work until the last minute, then not achieve the results they want
Then they lose heart, and fall completely off the wagon, giving up hope, feeling disappointed in themselves, and feeling like failures
I’m sure you have experienced this before, and don’t want to fall into the same trap
Well only you can make the first move, and make the changes needed to achieve the success you want
Just like one of my amazing clients Miss B did last year
So I love top brag up my lovely clients and show you all how small, consistent changes can make a massive difference
Now, yes the pic (below, sorry about the emoji, but she doesn’t want her face shown, so I thought this was funny) shows weight loss progress, however the biggest change here is this lovely lady’s mindset 
When Miss B came to me in December last year, she had actually had to give up her job, due to severe depression and anxiety
This was made worse by the fact that the medication she was on to help this, made her gain a lot of weight, making her even more depressed, and isolate herself from society, as she felt so self conscious
She had tried coming into my gym several times, parked outside, had huge anxiety attacks and had to leave
It took her 3 months to get to me
And when she finally did, we sat, had an in depth consultation as to what was going on with her
And believe me she was suffering
Miss B Committed to my Rapid 4 week programme, that I was offering as a ‘stay on track’ over Christmas guide
She attended the seminar, took on board everything I said, from day 1, and boy did she work hard
Even when she was hit with a cold on her first week
I worked with Miss B as part of the programme, coaching her 1 2 1 weekly, giving her tools to use to manage her anxiety and tasks to tackle the obstacles that had been standing in her way from achieving the life she wanted
Even with it being the lead up to Christmas, she stayed on track completely
She was accountable in our private Facebook group the Lifeshaper Community every single day
She was interested, always asking questions, and showing she really wanted this to work for her
She slowly started changing from the insecure, paranoid person that first came to me
To someone who lit the room up when she walked in, with her huge, beautiful, beaming smile
Miss B got through Christmas and still lost nearly half a stone and 10 inches
She then carried on the programme in January going for the more intense 6 week programme
and wow did she excel
You could see the determination oozing from her daily and in our 1 2 1 sessions I could see the massive progress she was making
She was on top of all the tasks I set her, she consistently used the de stressing tools I gave her to reduce her anxiety
Ger food habits had changed massively and she was loving the workouts with me
Here’s Miss B’s Review in her own words:
After 18 months of not going out of the house (including several trips to shapes with my mum and not going in) my life is completely different. I cannot thank Emma enough. She is such a positive kind person, and she is the ONLY person who I have allowed into my head!! (God help her). Now I have a reason to get up in the morning. I have been made to feel so welcome. I even go on my own now. The impact it has had not just on me but my daughter and mum and dad is awesome. They are so happy for me. It’s been so hard for them to watch me being so ill…I never thought I’d see any light at the end of the tunnel. How wrong was I!!!! I love going to Emma’s sessions even though I feel like I’ve been trampled on lol. Please please if there’s anyone who is suffering like I was and I still suffer now but much less, give Emma a text or call in. She will change your life. Words will never express how grateful I am. Emma, I thank you xx
Brings a tear to my eyes, hearing how much of an impact I have made on Miss B’s life
And honestly she has now become a very good friend, who is such a kind, loving soul, I am so glad she has finally found herself again, began to believe in herself again
And is actually enjoying life again, feeling fitter, happier and healthier
You can make these changes too
The first step, the decision to start, to get help and to confide and trust in someone to help you, is always the hardest
Yet once that step has been made, as long as it is really what you want, and you are prepared to work for it
It will happen!
I know mindset is something I mention all of the time, but I cannot stress enough how important this is to your overall well being
and yes it can be scary to admit you suffer
Just like Miss B, she had hit rock bottom and actually took months to seek my help
But she did it
And once she did, she has not looked back
We are now 11 months on, and her progress is tremendous
Does she still have shitty days now and again?
Of course she does
But those shitty days are now few and far between, instead of every single day
The bad days are now only an 8 out of 10 instead of a 10
and why is this?
Because she applied all the tools I gave her, she is consistent in using them, and she comes to me straight away, if she feels rubbish again
We re-assess things, and get her back on track asap
Instead of her suffering in silence and not taking action
This can be you!
I coach clients like Miss B weekly, and the results are fantastic
I use my 12 week programme to do this, where there are weekly set mindset tasks, but also health, fitness and nutrition advice in there too,
we have a private online group where we journal every single day, I am there to support, guide and inspire them to make the changes they want in their lives
For a glimpse of what’s on offer sign up now to the FREE 10 day Rapid Lifestyle Changer 
This will give you a few coaching videos, workout videos, recipes and tip sheets
I also have an online support group The Lifeshaper Community, where we monitor food, ask questions and stay accountable for our healthy lifestyles
And many healthy recipes within my books too, ready for you to download NOW
So if Miss B’s story rings true to your life at the moment, then please check out the above programmes, or drop me a line to see how I can help you
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx