Good morning all
The health and fitness industry is now massive
You only have to open your social media, and nearly every post is from a health and fitness professional of some kind
Whether it be food pics, recipes, workouts or vlogs
And all this is great and very helpful for you guys at home to be fitter and healthier
But we rarely see how important brain health is
How critical it is to have a healthy mind, before the rest of your body will follow
We neglect this area of info as we feel it’s unimportant
And as it’s not cosmetic, then not a priority
Well rubbish!
in fact it should be more of a priority brain1
Your brain health will play the biggest role in your whole life
So keeping it healthy is vital, especially as we age
The brain is the most complex and most important organ in the body
and it’s important we look after it
Lots of factors contribute to brain health, from nutrition to exercise, the environment you live and work in, your social life, connection with others and stress management
So all of these have to be taken into consideration when aiming for a healthy mind and then a healthy body
Exercise improves blood flow and memory, it also stimulates chemical change in the brain that enhance learning, mood and thinking
Mental exercise, is just as important as physical
Brain exercises will improve brain function and promote new cell growth, decreasing the risk of dimentia
Keeping the brain active is like working any other muscle in the body ‘use it or lose it’
Nutrition plays a key role in brain health too
I’m sure you have heard time and time again the phrase ‘you are what you eat’
And this is so true
bad food releases bad chemicals, additives and preservatives, which are all toxins and these toxins then affect the brain
With age we are also more prone to experiencing stress, which results in a process called oxidation, which can damage brain cells
This is why foods rich in antioxidants are so important, to reduce these harmful effects.
Environment and social interactions are things we take for granted too often
The environment we live in is vital for all aspects of health, as we must ensure we are happy, stress is reduced and we are surrounded by loving caring people who enhance our lives
Staying positive and happy always!
Socialising, laughing and having fun, too is very beneficial for brain health, it keeps us young, ensures we are always releasing endorphin and stimulated with good conversation to prevent memory loss
Sleep again is something we take for granted, and as we get older, no we don’t require quite as much sleep
But getting your rest and allowing your body to recover and repair at night, ensures you are energised for the next day, and will prevent you from craving sugary, fatty and salty foods too
Listening to your body, and allowing it some time out even during the day, will also help the brain function properly

Rushing around like mad, will only increase your stress and have a negative impact on both your mind and body
Take time out, take a long, leisurely walk, do some meditation, breathing techniques and just chill
you will see greater results in your mental and physical health this way
So all in all guys, we can help improve our brain health, especially as we get older
Take time to plan the activities above and ensure you are doing the best you can to fight against s decline in memory and brain function
As I have discussed preciously, Omega 3 has a huge benefit on brain health, check out the bloig HERE if you missed it
For more info on this please drop me a line at this address
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx