Hi all
So firstly, I want to apologise for being a little quiet last week
I have to be completely honest, this pregnancy has wiped me out, and I am struggling some days to manage work, clients and just normal life
BUT, I am doing my best!
I genuinely didn’t think it would be this hard, but I am now 16 weeks, and apparently things settle down form this point
So fingers crossed I will be back to nearly my normal self in no time
I have had a whirlwind 6 weeks, where my emotions are all over the place, my body is changing very quickly and I don’ feel in control of things at the moment
I’m sure you guys have felt like this at some point hey?
I am so used to being in control of things in my life, that it’s quite scary
as much as I know this is going to be the most amazing thing that ever happens to me, it does not stop me being scared
I have no idea about babies, what to do with them and more than this, how my mind and body is going to react to the massive changes in my life
But, the most scary things are the most amazingimages (2)
Think of that new job, promotion, house move, marriage, all very scary things, that at the time cause us worry, stress and concern, yet once they happen, it’s the best thing ever
So I know this is going to be amazing
I guess I just didn’t account for the mental and physical changes that came along with it, that make it even harder
I’ve gone from being a super independent business woman, travelling regularly, doing all I want, to settling down with the most amazing man, planning marriage and having a baby
Something I wasn’t sure would ever happen for me
Something I was always scared of
scared of being hurt, scared of losing the life that I had
Yep scared, we all get scared, and sometimes shut ourselves off from these things, in protection mode to save ourselves from the pain it may cause
I know many people who have had bad relationships, and feel this way
Brick wall comes up and they don’t allow themselves to get close to anyone
I am so glad I chose to not be that person a long time ago
as, It genuinely is the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life, but these changes are scary for me too
My life has changed massively over the past year, all completely for the best, and now I have more massive changes about to happen
Coupled with other factors, like
being self employed means that I am only entitled to statuary  maternity, and my income is going to drop drastically
So right now, as well as juggling running my gym, coaching my clients, being pregnancy ill, I am also creating a new brand, online programme and working hard behind the scenes to get this up and running before I go off with bambino
so again, all very scary things to face
But we have to face them, head on
not expecting you to get your violin out for me here guys, but the point I’m trying to make is that we all get scared
even changes that are amazing and happy, are still scary
So do we avoid these amazing happy changes? or do we embrace the fear, get excited for the next chapter of our lives, and become an even better, stronger person for it?
I know which I choose
it is so easy to plod along in life, accepting the easy options, avoiding stress, or anything that challenges us, yet is that the life we really want?
I want a life full of excitement, full of new chapters, full of new people and things that lead me even closer to a more amazing life
I don’t want easy!
I don’t want boring!
I don’t want SAFE!
but what do you want?
there is absolutely nothing wrong with being happy as you are
Just be careful you don’t get older, look back and regret the chances you didn’t take
So please look at what opportunities you have, and take the plunge, give them a go, the only failure is not trying
And who knows, maybe it will be the best thing you ever did 😉
Have an amazing day all
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx