Hi all
What do you do when huge obstacles are in your way of getting what you want?
Do you give up?
Or do you push on, with massive determination and make it happen no matter what?
I’ve never been a sensible person, I don’t think of consequences, or cost or the impact things may have,
I have just always gone for what I want, no matter what
I find a way….always!
yet, as you get older and life changes, then so do the consequences of your actions
money matters more
and the impact decisions have on you, those around you, and you whole life are greater
Yet, I still believe you should chase your dreams, and never give up on the things that really matter to you
Mindset plays a huge part in how you deal with obstacles
if you have a very negative mindset, then giving up, seems to be your answer
I feel, that in that case, the goal wasn’t something you held high enough regard for
The ‘WHY’ has to be great enough for you to push on regardless of what’s standing in your way
and unfortunately if it isn’t, then the chances are you will never really work hard enough for that goal, and never achieve it
When setting goals, you must first decide why you want it
what does achieving this really mean to you?
How will achieving this improve you as a person and improve your life as a whole?
before you can even realistically set tasks to get there
We are always so consumed with how hard something may be, how much it will cost and how far out of our reach it is, that we end up giving up, before we even start to set plans in place to achieve it
having a plan, tasks in place and the final goal in sights is vital for it’s success
Like weight loss and body change for instance
Many people just want to lose weight, with no big reason WHY
No goal and nothing to aim for
the people who really succeed are the ones who have a big ‘WHY’ and the pain of not achieving these results is greater than the pain of working hard to achieve them
finding that pain point, a realisation, whether it be that one picture you look terrible in, that really hits home
Or the wedding you have coming up, with your ex in attendance with their new partner, and you wanting to look your best
a health scare
or just simply the continual upset of looking in the mirror, trying clothes on that never look nice, and just hating what you see
All big why’s
big enough to evoke massive emotion inside you, forcing you to make change
whereas, if the thought of giving up your lifestyle, enjoying yourself and sacrificing the daily chocolate seems more painful to you then trying to make small changes to look and feel better
Then you will never make that commitment
Over the 15 years I have been in the fitness industry, I have heard every excuse under then sun
and honestly, they are excuses
They are excuses, covering up the main reason you are NOT committing to making the changes you need to
Within my Coaching programmes, we work together, to identify why you are not achieving your goals
What’s standing in your way
What your real reason ‘WHY’ is, and if it is really great enough
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Emma xx