Hi all
So I have a lot of new, exciting changes going on in my life
and I wanted to tell you about a big one, run it by you, get your thoughts and ask you for some feedback please
I am in the middle of having a new website built, I’m re-branding completely and putting a lot of my business online
As you know, I have a major problem with my back, and so this will allow me to protect it better, by reducing the time I spend physically teaching at the gym
As you know I have been a life coach for a few years now, and a lot of what I do is based on mindset and coaching clients in this way, then adding in exercise and good nutrition as a complete package
I totally believe 100% that mindset matters most
and we will never achieve anything in life, without firstly targeting any underlying issues, overcoming obstacles and tackling fears that stand in our way
So I primarily coach mindset, before anything else, to ensure my clients are fully prepared to work towards their goals
We have all been there, wanting to achieve something in life, yet we know we haven’t put enough work or commitment into it
we kick ourselves for being ‘useless’ for being a ‘failure’ for not ‘having what it takes’
instead of getting to the root of the problem, and figuring out what was holding us back?
what was standing in our way?
and how can we change that?
This is where I come in!
I help people begin to believe in themselves again
I help my clients bridge a gap from where they are now, to where they want to be
I help them see what was previously getting in their way, and assist them in making a plan to change things
this may seem like something you can do yourself, without having to pay a coach to help you
And if you can……FANTASTIC!
but for most people, this is something they cannot do themselves
Life has gotten too much for them
They are drowning in work, family and life commitments, with zero time for themselves
zero time to focus on where they are going wrong, where they really want to be and ultimately who they actually are!
They have lost their own identity and are just fumbling along day to day in a life they are not really happy with
I’m sure you can all relate to this from some time in your life, I know I sure can
We forget how amazing life is supposed to be and all we really wanted to achieve from it
And we get stuck in a rut of what others expect from us
the ‘normal’ expectations of society, instead of what we really want
I have been helping clients like this for years, even before I realised I was a coach, or had a coaching qualification
but now I do this on a daily basis, and have fantastic results with my clients
To the point that I believe this is so much more important than the usual answer to all your problems, of battering yourself in the gym and extreme dieting
most people lose respect for themselves, due to high stress lives, and let themselves go, putting on weight, drinking a lot, smoking and leading an unhealthy ,lifestyle
All because they cannot manage the other stuff that’s going on in their lives, so they see this as an escape
My aim is to carry on helping people, but on a greater scale
I want to target people I have never managed t reach before, people who are completely stressed out with life, and have absolutely no idea how to control it, or be healthy in the meantime
I want to help people lead a fitter, happier, healthier lifestyle……FOREVER!
So I have created 3 online programs LifeshaperLogo
1 FREE, yes FREE 28 day kick start program, which will include weekly coaching videos on stress management, workouts and healthy recipes and a tip page
a 12 week program, with again weekly coaching videos and tasks, workouts, recipes, recipe e-book, a group call, and access to the online support group
The Lifeshaper program, will be a monthly payment continual program, where you get all of the above (from 12 week program) but we get weekly group calls, and monthly 1-2-1 calls, as well as new workouts and recipes monthly
All clients on my Lifeshaper program, will also get access to VIP days with me, retreats and events
So my big ask to you guys is to tell me
1 what you think about my re-branding to Emm J Lifeshaper?
2 if you were looking to change your whole lifestyle, what would you want from a coach?
3 how you would feel about working with me online, instead of face to face,
4 if you feel you would be as committed to the program, without it being face to face?
I would greatly appreciate any feedback you guys can give me, whether you want to reply to this email, or contact me via social media
I’m hoping that even if you are someone who doesn’t feel this is for you, that my emails, blogs and FREE online group still motivate and inspire you, then I am happy that I can help in some way
as soon as the new website is complete, you guys will be the first to know, and the first to get access to the FREE 28 day program, so keep posted
Have a fantastic day
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx