Good morning all
Well this week is National Mental Health Week
Mental health is such a wide subject these days, and I don’t claim to know everything about it
But I do know a little, and I coach a lot of clients who suffer with mental health issues, as well as being able to speak from my own experience too
So being someone who has suffered myself, I felt it important to touch on this subject and tell my story, to hopefully help those of you who suffer too, or know someone who does
After suffering from depression, what helped me was regular exercise, and healthy eating
Depression is horrendous 30070f956ff678052e0f8bde8a1e2a7c
It knocks you off your feet, and makes you feel alone, and in such a dark place that you can’t see a way out
hiding away, not leaving your house and just sleeping all of the time, seems to be the only thing you can do
No matter what anyone says ‘they don’t understand’
People can give you advice on how to help manage the depression, but putting these tools into action is way too much effort and you genuinely don’t think they will work
Mental health can range from stress to depression, anxiety, depression and personality disorders, just to name a few
All of which are helped massively with regular exercise and clean eating, as well as other de-stressing activities
As hard as these illnesses are to overcome, you must first WANT to overcome them, to be able to take action
I don’t mean to be too controversial here, but what really annoys me is people who play on stress, depression, anxiety, to get out of work
When many genuine sufferers want to hide the fact they have it, and pretend they are ‘normal’
Again I don’t agree with this, I firmly believe anyone suffering should seek help and advice,
But some people who say they suffer, really have no clue
But, I will move on quickly here
Ok so dragging myself up when I suffered depression badly was very difficult
and when you read MY STORY you will see how I did it
But basically getting myself back to the gym, sorting my terrible nutrition out, and learning more about both of these, as well as the mind, I slowly got better
15 years on, I now help others who suffer
Yes I still suffer myself, I don’t think it ever really goes away
But the bouts I have are smaller, and much less frequent
How do I manage it?
well I know my triggers
not exercising, eating poorly, and not using my de-stressing tools to keep me on track
Exercise I believe plays a huge part in helping manage mental illness
exercise relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts overall mood
And I don’t even mean crazy, hardcore exercise that’s going to kill you
No matter your age, size or fitness level, we can all exercise to suit our own capabilities
Exercise doesn’t have to be aimed at high intensity cardiovascular, or muscle building, to aid mental health
The most basic form of exercise is walking
And walking is fantastic for lowering Cortisol (stress hormone) so will help reduce stress and hopefully control any other mental health issues you have going on too
Walking daily for at least 30 minutes, in a nice, happy environment, will give you the ‘feel good factor’ increase your energy, improve brain function, improve mood, and aid sleep
Sleep again is vital for good mental health
Poor sleep, too little, or too much is a big indicator of mental health issues
So managing this is vital
And exercise, will encourage better sleep
Eating processed, sugary foods release toxins into the body, which affect it and the brain’s natural functions
these toxins cause the body to perform poorly, and again stress hormones to be released constantly to protect the body
So cleaning up your food, getting the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients
Getting enough Omega 3 from fish, avocado, nuts all helps with memory and cognitive function
meditation and breathing techniques are also massively beneficial
Taking time out, relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to clear your mind and chill, and listen to your body
so many of us in fact over 50% of people in the world breath incorrectly
most stressed out people, take short sharp rapid breaths from only filling the upper 1/3 of their lungs with air
leaving the other 2/3 toxic
Therefore, not getting enough oxygen to the brain and around the rest of the body, which again has a huge impact on us, specifically our brain
If you are unsure if you breath correctly then check out my youtube vide HERE
So without being the healthy police here, I’m sure you can see that leading a healthy lifestyle is key to optimum brain health too
A healthy body really does equal a healthy mind and more so vice versa
Medication, really should be a last resort to help stress when it starts
You honestly can manage stress with the tools I’ve stated above, and by changing your life for the better
Thus preventing anything further like depression occurring
So if you are someone who suffers yourself, or knows someone who does, then please start applying the basic tools above, to de-stress
1. Walking
2. Meditation / breathing techniques
3. Long hot soaks in bath with epsom salts, saunas, steam rooms etc
And maybe consider a coaching programme, to help you deal with the overwhelm you have going on in your life
My new Lifeshaper Programme will be available very soon, so please keep posted for that, or feel free to join my FREE facebook group HERE for more tips, motivation and inspiration
Or you can email me for more info
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Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx