Good morning all
So it’s official I’ve moved in with a boy!
Well we are nearly all done
It’s been eventful, simply due to the volume of uh CRAP that I have
Clothes, shoes, bags, toiletries
General shit that us girls have
But more than normal people
I honestly believe I could open a shop with it all
And I have got really upset over the amount of money I’ve spent over the years
So not only could I have opened a shop, but probably could have bought a mansion too 😉
I’m hoping here, that some of you are reading this thinking phew that’s me too
If not I really have got a problem lol
We have been doing great and managed very well to fit everything in
Doing it little by little was definitely the best plan
However, now we are nearly there and I only have 3 more large plastic containers of shows and a black bag of clothes left, we are struggling to fit them in
I’m actually dreading the last load
But I guess putting it off isn’t going to get me anywhere either
I used to do this with everything in my life, years ago
I was a nightmare for it
I would put things off that stressed me out
Instead of facing them head on and dealing with it immediately
I think a lot of people are like this
We run from our fears, instead of facing them
We hide from the things that scare us, falsely believing they will go away
When in reality, they never go away, just get bigger if we don’t deal with them
Now I know we are talking just about shoes and clothes here,
but honestly when I suffered with depression this would be a permanent avoidance tactic for me with most things in my life
This is something that has never completely left me
I still do it, as you can see with the clothes situation
But, I am improving
I feel that small steps and having a system is important for me
Like I’ve done here, bit by bit
Moving it all at once would have stressed me right out and not been the best way of dealing with it for ME
Others may have handled it differently
So back to my point
And something that I have learnt in any business event that I have attended
The things we find most scary are the ones we should definitely do first
These are usually the things that are going to improve us, get us closer to our dreams and give us best results in our lives
so when planning to achieve a goal now I write a list of tasks I need to complete to get me there
The ones I think ‘eek that’s a toughy’ go at the top of the list
Realistically those are the ones that need to be done first
And I get them done
I probably procrastinate over them for a while first, but bite the bullet and do it!
So my biggest thing with the move was getting rid of things
Something I always hate doing
I have my aunt’s trait of being a hoarder and as I love to buy nice things, I hate to get rid of them
I totally believe I’ll use them all one day
So top of my list was have a cull
And I did it
I got rid of things that I hadn’t worn for a very long time, some things I actually had never worn
And honestly it felt very invigorated after doing so
I felt I had regained power over something I had lost control over
And as the week went on, I carried on getting rid of a few things and being even stronger
It was great
However, I am still left with a huge amount
And this has shown me I never, ever need to buy anything again
I was very apprehensive as to how my boyfriend would react to all my stuff
Simply because he is a total neat freak and everything is minimalistic with him, everything is away, neat and tidy
And I am the messiest person ever!
But honestly he has been amazing
He has bent over backwards to accommodate me and make me feel comfortable and happy
He’s even moved his things to make space for me
He’s definitely a keeper 😉
hope he’s reading this 😉
bonus girlfriend points for me 😉
No in all seriousness I think as we get older we chill a little
We become happy and comfortable within ourselves, but we also become more accepting of others too
When we are younger, we have these massive expectations that everyone should be perfect
and that’s not reality at all
I’m so lucky to have found something so amazing, which I knew would happen one day
We talk about absolutely everything
We consider each other’s feelings in everything we say and do
And we don’t let the trivial little silly things bother us
we accept each others quirky ways, and annoying bad habits
And we laugh at them, instead of creating friction and arguments around them
Thank god or I’d probably be back home within a week lol
It took me a long time to find someone that I just totally clicked with,
Someone who thought and felt the same way I do
For years we stay in relationships that don’t serve us
Things that are more stressful, than happy
We put up with things we never should, but just accept it, as we think everyone does
Then we get to an age where we think, I’d rather be alone, until I find something worth being in, than just settling for something not to be alone
Luckily I have never been this type of person, and happy to wait
Communication within a relationship is key for it’s success
Without that, you have nothing
So I’m hoping when I bring the last load back, we can communicate well and get it all in happily without me having to move straight back out lol
Wish me luck guys
Have an amazing day
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx