Hi all Well another beautiful weekend
Perfect for getting your gardens ready for summer
We spent the weekend sorting our houses out and combining them into one, which was hard work and has taken it’s toll on my poor back
So lots of stretching and walking today, no weights!
I’t funny that I’m not a garden person at all, but when the weather is nice, I love to do it
I like to spend the time out in the sun, preparing a nice back to sit in and have barbecues when the weather is nice again
it was nice to see everyone out in their gardens too
All happy, all chatting and making small talk
Instead of just rushing in and out of their cars to keep warm or dry like in winter
Amongst the chaos of moving, I made sure we had lots of healthy snacks on the go, until we were able to sit down and eat a proper meal
So we had chopped strawberries, almonds, walnuts and chunks of coconut
I am absolutely addicted to coconut
I cook in coconut oil
I drink coconut water, especially in my smoothies28016461-Coconut-with-milk-splash-and-leaf-on-white-background-Stock-Photo
And when I can, I buy the chopped coconut, which is to die for
Not only is it super tasty and a great alternative to unhealthy sweets or chocolate, but it has huge health benefits
Coconut, the Exotic Fruit with many Health Benefits
Here is some key facts on coconut.
Grown and eaten, for thousands of years, by those who live in the South Pacific it is no news to them that Coconut has many health benefits.
– Anti-inflammatory suppressing inflammation and repairing tissue.
– Anti-viral which means it can help kill viruses such as influenza, herpes, measles and so on.
– Anti-bacterial containing Lauric acid and other fatty acids to fight bacteria.
– Anti-fungal assisting the body to kill fungi and yeast that can cause infection.
– Antioxidant protecting against the formation of free radicals and the damage they cause.
– Anti-protozoa helping to kill the common protozoan infection of the gut.
– Anti-parasitic fighting against parasites such as lice, tapeworm and others.
– Anti-carcinogenic helping to prevent the spread of cancer cells and enhances the immune system.
The body can digest and absorb the fatty acids of coconut oil quickly as there is no need for bile or pancreatic enzymes for their digestion and they are sent straight to the liver.
This is unlike Trans fats that are manufactured and very bad for us. Coconuts are natural unprocessed foods and the oil that is extracted along with the white meat are amazing for good health.
The great thing is, you can add coconut to pretty much anything
Salads, healthy protein cookies, cakes, pancakes, curries, stir fry, soups, smoothies and lots more
So get adding this super healthy, super tasty food, and reap the benefits in your health
For plenty of healthy recipes, tips and info get my Recipe Book HERE
Have a great week all
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx