Good Morning all
Now I am not sure how many of you watch my show Shape Your Life on Swansea Bay TV, or even my live feed on the Tonight Show with Phil Hoyles
But we are covering stress, depression, anxiety etc at the moment and trying to show viewers how to manage their stress
Lead a healthier lifestyle and lose fat because of this
Again, I know I have discussed stress with you in the past
But I just want to touch on it again, as s many people believe they are not stressed, as they don’t suffer with depression like symptoms
I would honestly say that our modern day crazy busy lifestyles, mean that we are all stressed to a certain extent
We all rush around like crazy, look after kids, have full time jobs
Those on their own are all stressful
I see clients in the gym all of the time, completely struggling with their weight,
even though they are eating reasonably healthy and exercising a lot,
some even put weight on!
When I sit them down and have a chat about their whole life, their surrounding and what other things they have going on
We soon realise that they are under a mass amount of stress
They then think that eating less and exercising more is going to get them the body they want,
and when this doesn’t happen, they exercise more and eat even less
Putting the body, the metabolism and specifically the Thyroid and Adrenals under immense pressure
Causing brain fog, fatigue, mood swings, depression, anxiety and lots more
also affecting these organs correct function and thus the ability for the metabolism to adapt and react properly
The body fights back against all of this stress, by going into survival mode and storing fat to protect itself
When we are stressed, low on energy, we tend to opt for sugary, carb type foods as we feel we need them
Yet this is again putting your body under stress
Alcohol in the evening when you get home from a stressful day at work, is a toxin and puts both the Adrenals and the Thyroid under more pressure
If this sounds like you, then you need to take a step back and assess what you have going on
If you feel ill all of the time, picking up viruses and colds
If you are tired all of the time, moody, down and struggling with your weight, then things need to change
The best thing to do is completely change how you’re doing things
And this is a huge part of all I learnt with the amazing Metabolic Effect
Cut your exercise drastically
Go for long walks every single day, calming walks in a nice happy environment
Take long baths in epsom salts
cut cardio sessions and just do 2 weighted sessions per week to help maintain some muscle mass
As well as 3 relaxation activities like yoga, sauna, steam room, spa, sex, fun and laughter with loved ones
Food needs to be very strict too, no snacking!
Have 3 meals per day, 2 earlier meals of just protein and veg, then one high clean carb meal in the evenings
This protocol needs to be followed for 3 to 6 months, depending on YOU as an individual
The plan here is to reset the metabolism and get the immune system functioning properly again
There are also herbal remedies that will help in this type of circumstance Ashwaganda and Rhodiola Root
These will help reduce stress, fatigue and restore energy levels within the body, again should only be take for 3 months at a time
So many people these days choose anti-depressants, without trying to find an alternative therapy and a way to manage their stress
Unfortunately our doctors hand them out as if they were sweets, and seem to not have time to help patients find an alternative resolution
So if you feel ill, moody, down and gaining weight, try and get some professional advice, to help manage and then reduce the stress, with the help of herbal remedies to restore immune health
Within my Lifeshaper Coaching programme We spend 12 weeks overcoming obstacles and fears, tackling insecurities, managing stress, learning tools that will help with anxiety
and most importantly learning to believe in YOU again
Seeking help and having someone help you see things more clearly is nothing to be ashamed of,
I can honestly say, my life changed massively for the better after my first coaching programme 4 years ago,
and with ongoing coaching, my life, happiness and success are improving daily
So please check out my website for testimonials from some coaching client, where you can also sign up for a FREE consultation or drop me a message for more details
Healthy mind = healthy body
Live a life you love in a body you love
Keep fit happy and healthy invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx