Hi guys,
Wow sun is out again, even though it is very cold, the sun makes a massive difference
I know I have said this week after week, but honestly can’t believe how quickly weeks are flying bye
And I used to think that they went quickly because I went out on a Saturday night and spent Sunday suffering with a hangover,
but I haven’t done that for a very long time, I now am super busy on a weekend fitting in all I can with loved ones
And they still fly bye
Friday I drove to London for a business meet up with a group that I am in
Now most people would think this was their worst nightmare, but not me
driving doesn’t bother me one bit, and actually I find it quite therapeutic
Being alone, listening to music and not rushing around, head full of work
It’s lovely
I have a little sing along and a dance in the car, passers bye think I’m crazy, but I love it
Then I spent a lovely day with some amazing people, all within the fitness industry
Networking and bouncing ideas off each other
I absolutely love these types of events
And even though when it comes time to leave, I think of the other 100 things I should be doing
Once I have come back I feel inspired, motivated and awesome
Ready to push towards my goals
So enough boring business talk, I’m sure you don’t want to hear all about that
But one thing that I do love about road trips and events is the meeting of new people
And London….WOW
I’m always in awe of London
I honestly think I could live there
I just love how huge it is, how busy it is
And most of all the variation of people
I could people watch all day long
And in fact, stuck in traffic nearly missed a few turnings due to my intense people watching
There are so many different cultures in London, and it is normal
People from all walks of life, just getting about their day
It’s amazing
And I even make little stories up in my head about their lives
Totally entertaining myself
London is one of those places you can be exactly who you want to be and no one cares
That’s what I love
When you are from a close knit community it can be hard to be yourself
People judge, when they shouldn’t and their opinions matter too much to us, when they shouldn’t
Whereas, in London, genuinely you can do and be whatever you want and no one will judge
Success oozes through the streets of London, where you can see people have good jobs, take care of themselves and are working hard for what they want
Success is encouraged, instead of frowned upon
Money is a genuine sign of success and not seen as pretentious
It is such a huge City, that really there is no massive competition, there is enough business for everyone
And hey all just get on with it
I think this is amazing!
I love the sense of success in the city,
So in my meet up day, I met people again from lots of different places, all within the fitness industry, but all VERY different
Fitness, nutrition, mindset, finding a trainer is a very personal preference
We all attract different types of people and help in different ways
Even though the fitness industry seems very much the same,
And we all have basic qualifications that are the same
We offer a different spin on it, our own personal touch
And it was great to brainstorm with these amazing people
Sharing ideas and showing our support for one another
As I own my gym, with my mum, we are very small and have no other trainers here
So I love to attend these events, to pick up new ideas and learn from others
In order to come back and give my clients the best service possible
so there is my lovely trip to London, and did you notice I didn’t mention the 5 hour journey both ways due to traffic?
Nor did I mention the £50 car park charge, that nearly gave me a heart attack
Neither of which spoilt my trip, due to my positive mindset
yes it was a long day, but wow was it worth it
I came back totally motivated, and ready to release my new products to you guys very soon, so please keep posted!
Hope you have an amazing Monday and week ahead
Love as always
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx