Good morning all
Happy Friday 🙂
so what’s holding us back from chasing our dreams?
What prevents you from achieving your goals?
Why do you yo yo diet FOREVER and not seem to be able to maintain the weight loss?
Why do you not have the job, house, car, holidays that you so wish for?
Limiting beliefs are what prevent us from achieving our goals
Beliefs that we are ‘not good enough’
Beliefs that we cannot achieve amazing results
Self doubt
Self sabotage
And comparison to others ‘they are better than me’
limiting factors that put barriers up and stop us from even trying harder, because we believe deep down it is not possible!
When actually……it is!
Anything is possible
Unfortunately most people are not willing to put the hard work in to achieve the ‘impossible’
Most people give up, when the going gets tough
Failure is too much for them
Yet, for successful people, failure is as common as taking a bath
They didn’t get to where they are today, without failing time and time again
Without learning from the mistakes they made along the way, and starting a fresh
they too felt like giving up, probably a hundred times, BUT didn’t
Nothing worth having in life comes easy
I read an incredibly inspirational story about a guy who was completely immobile, who became an entrepreneur, made millions, travelled the world and achieved the dreams he had
If this doesn’t inspire you, then nothing will!
So keeping it short and sweet today guys, please read this story and take from it what you can
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Have an amazing weekend filled with fun, happiness and love
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx