Wow, I wanted to share with you guys, the fantastic results I am getting using Bodymap with some of my clients

Clients who suffer from stress, pain, poor flexibility, and people from all walks of life, all ages, men and women

I moved away from just instructing and being a personal trainer a few years ago, when I learnt to overcome my own depression with coaching, and when I kept re-educating in mindset and brain talk

I was also diagnosed with degeneration, bulging discs and dehydration of 4 discs in my lumbar spine.

Which encouraged me to learn more about helping people with pain

I decided I wanted to help people further!

People, who like myself had a lot more going on in their lives. People who wanted to be fit and healthy, but had obstacles in their way preventing them achieving this

I coach my clients to understand that stress, environment, hormones etc all play a huge part in you achieving the healthy body we want.

Pain is also a major factor in how our bodies perform.brain pic

When I was in severe pain with my back, and then devastated with the news from my scan results, I refused to give up, and instead learnt more about reducing the pain I was in, to enable me to carry on my career, and in fact better my career by helping others too

So I learnt from one of the best in the industry, the amazing Dax Moy, taught me Bodymap, and it opened up a whole new exciting path for me.

Let me explain:

Obviously if we are in pain we don’t want to exercise, we have depressive feelings and then as a knock on effect, also tend to have bad nutrition too.

What most people don’t understand is that pain comes from the brain and isn’t always brought on through injury but is just the bodies way of dealing with a possible threat.

A limitation in function in a certain area again may just be the brain indicating a weakness and possible threat in this area. The brain is uncertain of something and therefore is not happy to let the body go there.

These days too many therapists are quick enough to assume all pain is mechanical and use stretching, rubbing, massage and manipulation as the answer, without practicing threat based assessments.

Sometimes these manipulation procedures can make the problem worse, or even initiate a problem that was never there.

Usually the pain you feel is not actually where the problem is stemming from and as I said earlier is the brain sending warning signals to that area to prepare it for a possible threat.

Lots of things can cause this emergency response, poor respiration, poor vision, poor environmental awareness and lots more.

These danger signals are relayed back to the brain through our senses along the nervous system.

Exercise and nutrition therefore are only going to have the best benefit on our bodies if our bodies are functioning to the best of their ability.

Through Bodymap I can assess , reduce and even eliminate these threats to enable the body to function at its best. This will improve performance, range of motion and mainly remove or at least reduce pain.

Bodymap enables me to run tests through the nervous system to detect any possible barriers the brain has put up in emergency preparation against threat.

I then run drills to connect with the brain in order for it to re-assess the situation and remove the threat barriers from this area.

It has taken some time to get clients to believe in Bodymap and to try it, as like myself they think it is ‘woo woo’

In the past month alone, I have helped 10 people manage their stress and anxiety better, clients with limited range of movement, improve by over 70% and clients in pain reduce from maximum to very little if not zero pain

The results are incredible, and I love using Bodymap and seeing the massive difference in someone walking in to see me, to the one that leaves in 30 minutes.

Continuing to learn ‘brain talk’ now with Dax’s Mindmap programme, which is even more interesting

Keep posted for more info on this, as I learn

Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth

Emma ‘woo woo’ Pobert xx