Good morning all

So the past few weekends, I have been out a lot enjoying myself

For shame I know 😉

Now I have always been a party animal, but over the past year, I haven’t gone out half as much

And honestly since I have reduced how much I go out, I now seem to not be able to recover from it properly

Getting old I hear you say

Yep that’s absolutely 100% true

Not that I have ever been a big drinker, I only drink vodka soda water on a night out,

and I dance the night away, which means I’m not just spending all night drink after drink after drink

I take my time


The biggest problem for me is always lack of sleep

Drinking means we don’t get adequate, solid sleep

Which on top of the alcohol toxin, is a stress on the body

And therefore Cortisol (stress hormone) is super high the next day

After this weekend, I felt horrendous, depressed, exhausted, moody, lazy and just horrible

So I have decided going out partying is not for me anymore

I like the odd Corona if I go out for food,

But I can genuinely have 2 and that’s enough for me

As for going out, staying out late and drinking in excess

Well let’s just say I am now in retirement 🙂

The good thing is that my mindset is very good

So even though I felt terrible on Sunday, a little tired still on Monday

however, after a nice long walk on the beach, greens drink, electrolyte drink and super clean food,

as well as having caught up on my sleep Sunday

I was back to normal

I trained, ate well, and made sure I had a smile on my face

Instead of what I could have done

Ate rubbish, felt sorry for myself, not exercised and generally just let the depressed feeling take over

I refused to give in, as  knew it would be a knock on effect for the rest of the week

Depression is something that can be controlled with the right tools!

Something that if you want to improve you can!

Improving your mindset, managing depression, anxiety and stress, will eventually lead to overall health, fitness, fat loss and the body you want too

Again healthy mind = healthy body

Think Fit and Healthy:

I suppose most of you think being fit and healthy is just about eating the right foods and exercising.  

Well our bodies are more complex than that and in fact our bodies and minds are interlinked

everything that goes on both in and around us has an effect through the whole body too,

from thoughts to  feelings and even environment, which, in turn will have an effect on your health, fitness and fat loss.

Our thoughts can be the most toxicity we have in our bodies and can sabotage even the best nutrition or exercise program in the world.

We are in control of our thoughts and so it is us that determines whether we be a nice, happy positive, caring person,

if the body is in a constant state of happiness, then it is more likely to be healthier and will also have a positive effect on your fat burning hormones.

In contrast if you choose to be a nasty, unhappy, negative cold person, the body will slowly break down. This will in turn have a knock on effect on your whole body and health.

How we feel is a great indicator of health.

 We all have situations arise in our day to day lives and how we deal with these depends on us.

Even the most upsetting negative situation can be dealt with calmly and with a positive attitude to prevent the body being flooded with stress hormones and in turn causing a domino effect of poor health.

Depression, anxiety, and other stress related illnesses are now on the increase, and so is the prescribing of anti-depressant type medications,

which in turn actually has severe side effects, again making us unhealthy.

So surely we can all see that helping ourselves, the right way by exercising and nourishing our brain and body with healthy foods,

ensuring we are  receiving the nutrients we need to function properly,

Limiting the toxins, like alcohol that we put into our body

as well as trying to ‘think healthy’ is much better than being on any type of medication.

So guys remember to try and live a positive, happy life. Surround yourself with positive people and chase your dreams.

Do what makes YOU happy and at the same time look after your body and mind.

It is not always easy to admit you suffer with self confidence issues, stress related illnesses, depression, anxiety etc, but admitting it is the first step to recovery

Confiding in someone, a person who is not close to you

A person who can help you begin to believe in YOU again, will help you build a bridge in the gap to where you are now and where you want to be

This is why I set up my Lifeshaper Coaching Programme, to help others who suffer as I have


Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth


Emma xx