Hi all
So Valentine’s Day yesterday
A day that provokes a mixed response, feelings and emotions for people
Which subsequently influences actions and behaviours
Social media was inundated with positive, lovely words and pictures, from lots
But then also some negativity too
and I have to admit I see both sides
I think it’s great that people shout loud about their love, if that’s how they feel and how they want to show it
But I also see lots of people shouting loud, who are really covering up what is a bad, unhappy relationship
And some bless them who believe they have something amazing, yet everyone else knows the true story that is hidden from them
So yes I see both sides
Again this is a situation where mindset really does matter most
Some people base their happiness on having a partner
And when they don’t have one, it seems like the end of the world
Therefore, Valentine’s Day can be a sad time for them, when they feel alone
Unfortunately a negative mindset here will create this
Instead of positively rejoicing about how amazing their life is alone and how well they are doing
I deal with this regularly with a lot of my coaching clients who are unhappy on their own
Yet when we get down to the real reason they are unhappy, and therefore alone
We realise that they are extremely unhappy within themselves, infact some even hate themselves
So working on this, improving confidence, self belief, self worth is vital long before they can introduce a partner that will learn to love them too
With self doubt, low self esteem, low self confidence, people tend to ware a mask hiding the real them
Simply because they are scared no one will like the real them,
they don’t! so why would anyone else?
I’m sure you have or you know someone who has at some point felt this way
Me too, and it’s horrible
I see women pile on the weight and let themselves go because they feel ‘what’s the point’
They get to a point in their lives where they give up!
Unfortunately Valentine’s Day on top of this sends them into a bigger depression about themselves
Only we can make the changes needed to improve our lives
Things can seem rock bottom with no way out,
There is ALWAYS a way out!
Valentine’s to me:limitless love
I think people should be entitled to celebrate or not however they feel appropriate to them
Yet societal influences affect this
Instead of staying true to their own beliefs, people are easily swayed
I believe we must learn to like, believe in and ultimately love ourselves first before we can expect someone else to truly love us
Which unfortunately not everyone does
I personally love love lol
Infact my inspiration statement is ‘Limitless Love’
Most of you already know this, as I live by this daily
Love in all aspects of my life, limitlessly
In work, with family, friends and especially in my relationship
I don’t want anything less than love in all aspects of my life!
Yes I am a fairytale girl I believe in real, incredible, soul mate kind of love
However I believe it is rare
I feel too many people settle in relationships that are not right, just to be with someone
For me, being single was not a sad time, yes I would have loved to meet someone, but I loved my life,
I was comfortable and happy within myself
and most importantly, more than anything I have ever believed in
I ALWAYS knew one day I’d get my fairytale
And I was never going to settle until I found it
So Valentine’s Day I like, as I see this as a day to show your feelings if for some reason you feel you couldn’t before
Love, is something that should be shown daily in a relationship for it to work
But it is still nice to have a little special time on this one day a year
For those who are single, and we have all been there, whether we like to admit it or not
It is a day we hope will change things for us
a day that may be magical and bring all we dream of
We all love a fairytale really 😉
We are brought up to believe in them
Many people send their kids surprise Valentine’s cards because they know they believe too
This day is a day for happiness
So honestly for me I think forget the marketing, money making hype around it, expense and extravaganza is not important here, but what is important is that we are made to feel special
We are made to feel that fairytales do exist and that dreams do come true
For me that’s what I like about Valentine’s day
So I hope you all celebrated or not exactly how YOU wanted to
I hope those lovely single people out there didn’t get sad and realised that one day when it’s right, it will happen!
Have a fantastic day all
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Love as always
Emma xx