Good morning all
Well after another few days rest, I actually feel a little more normal today……thank goodness!
Hope you all had a fab weekend
I have been making sure I fit in walking every day, yoga stretches, breathing techniques, long soaks in the bath and just recovering
As I know my body has been through a lot
But also, having been laid up has obviously made my back pain increase, which I hate
So I have used my knowledge of Bodymap, to get me through this

As I have discussed with you previously, stress, environment, hormones etc all play a huge part in you achieving the healthy body you want.

Pain is also a major factor in how our bodies perform.

Obviously if we are in pain we don’t want to exercise, we have depressive feelings and then as a knock on effect, also tend to have bad nutrition too.

Pain comes from the brain and isn’t always brought on through injury but is just the bodies way of dealing with a possible threat.

A limitation in function in a certain area again may just be the brain indicating a weakness and possible threat in this area.

The brain is uncertain of something and therefore is not happy to let the body go there.

These days too many therapists are quick enough to assume all pain is mechanical and use stretching, rubbing, massage and manipulation as the answer, without practicing threat based assessments.

Sometimes these manipulation procedures can make the problem worse, or even initiate a problem that was never there.

Usually the pain you feel is not actually where the problem is stemming from and as I said earlier is the brain sending warning signals to that area to prepare it for a possible threat.

Lots of things can cause this emergency response, poor respiration, poor vision, poor environmental awareness and lots more.

These danger signals are relayed back to the brain through our senses along the nervous system.

Exercise and nutrition therefore are only going to have the best benefit on our bodies if our bodies are functioning to the best of their ability.

Through Bodymap I can assess , reduce and even eliminate these threats to enable the body to function at its best.

This will improve performance, range of motion and mainly remove or at least reduce pain.

Bodymap enables me to run tests through the nervous system to detect any possible barriers the brain has put up in emergency preparation against threat.

I then run drills to connect with the brain in order for it to re-assess the situation and remove the threat barriers from this area.

I am getting amazing results for my clients with bodymap. Ladies that have been in pain for years, I’ve helped with Bodymap, which has reduced this pain, increased their range of motion and generally Improved their overall lifestyle.

If you are struggling with exercise, nutrition or generally in your everyday life with stress or pain, which is limiting you and hindering your day to day life, then please contact me for more information on Bodymap and how I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth

Emma xx

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