Good Monday Morning all
hope you all had an amazing weekend
I have been super busy filming some videos for my online programme
Now this isn’t as easy as it sounds
Over the past few weeks, I have been advised to change video cameras for better quality video and sound
expensive and very confusing!
So I did
What a bloody ball ache that was
I will cut what is a very long, boring story short
But my boyfriend, being a bit of a smarty pants (he is amazing though s I forgive him for this quirky trait of his)
He was adamant that I go against the advice I was given and get a different camera
Me being the stubborn mare that I am
And a stress head, went for the easy option and took the advice I was given
With good reason I may add as
We must bear in mind here that I am on a time scale
I have advertised and sold places on my online programme ready to start, tomorrow in fact,
so everything needed to be done and dusted ready for the new clients to start their healthy lifestyle journey with me
I have a great friend in Spain, Tom, working on my website, and bless him I am the biggest nag ever, trying to get things exactly right
I’m sure he is sick of me by now
And ready to call it a day on our friendship (I’m praying not as I love him to bits and he’s amazing at what he does)
I think I nice special gift is on the way for him 😉
So we are doing the filming here, editing the videos and the plan was to save the lovely Tom some work, get them uploaded to the membership site ourselves
uh uh, that was very wishful thinking
The filming itself has not been without it’s problems, some came out with no sound, then the camera decided it couldn’t film the whole 15 minutes as the files were too big
So it cleverly split them in 2, which we then has to stitch together
Yes I know it is that boring, tedious and mind numbing
You then have to have software on your PC to convert these files to MP4, and make a film out of them
See how good I am to you guys 😉
And there’s you thinking I film them on my phone press upload and Voi La
Nope, unfortunately not, I wish it was that easy
Bet most of you have shut off already and closed down this email with sheer boredom
Hopefully lots of you haven’t
Because my point in telling you this story of my video making life for the past month
Is that even with all the stress, time it’s taken and honestly the massive headaches I’ve had from all of this
I persevered and am going to master this process until I have it down to a fine art
Luckily, I have an amazing boyfriend who has helped me every step of the way
Without him, I would have had a nervous breakdown for sure
when you have dreams and goals, they never come easy
For me giving up isn’t an option
My online programme is very new, but it is something I have wanted to create for a while
Something that is a part of an ongoing dream / goal of mine over the next year
And I am very aware that there will be teething problems, and mistakes made
Putting the very hard work, time and effort in to get this up and running is so important to me
Goals and dreams can be accomplished on your own, of course
BUT, having the right people around you to support, guide, encourage, inspire and motivate is essential for those dreams and goals to become a reality
People who believe in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself
Without these people, it would be so much harder, to the point that some would definitely give up
I see this day in, day out with my clients
They come to me fully motivated and wanting to achieve a fitter, happier, healthier lifestyle
They follow me for a while, then take the big plunge to ask for my help
This alone for some is a massive step
Then once they start, they find obstacles in the way from family, work, jealous friends
Obstacles that become so big, they see no other way out than to quit the journey they started
This makes me so sad
I see how much they want it for themselves
How much they commit to everything I teach them initially
And then, slowly the excitement, commitment and passion slips away
I get it, I do
But, being I believe putting yourself, your needs, wants desires, goals and dreams first sometimes is important
This life can be as amazing or as dull as we make it
And yes life circumstances and events can hinder our progress,
But only if we let them
Sitting down with those closest to you, and figuring out a compromise that helps you all is crucial for your happiness
And happiness honestly is the most important thing
So never give up on your dreams and goals
Anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it
You can do it!
So If you’d like to take a look at my new Shapes Change Fitness and Fat loss programme Check it out HERE
There are recipes, workouts, stress management, an online support group, and you get my FULL support in your fitness and fat loss journey
I will help you overcome obstacles and knock down the barriers that are preventing you achieving your goals,
We will work together and get amazing results
So get your goals written out this week and small tasks in place to get you closer to them
Have an amazing week
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx