Hey all
Wow what an amazing week, my in house fitness and fat loss programme got off to a flying start, with everyone attending the seminar and learning how to get started on their new healthy lifestyle
Yes there is a lot of information to take in, but like I advise everyone take small baby steps and you will get there
When we change things drastically, crash diet and over exercise, like most people do this time of year, then we soon fall off the wagon, as all of this is not sustainable
I try not to bombard my clients and overload them with scientific facts, but just give them guidelines to follow
The 1 main thing is to be a detective of your own body and find what works for YOU
Take into account your activity level, work, health and work around these, instead of just eating the same every single day
We differ day to day, week to week, and most people fail to acknowledge their changes and adapt to them
what is shocking is that so many people are still in the old ‘diet’ mindset of eat less, exercise more
Cut all fat from your diet
Buy diet foods and drinks
All Low fat food is good, so no need to actually check the rest of the label as long as it says ‘low fat’ that’s fine
well actually, No, No and uh NO!
Fat is not the Enemy:
Like a lot of my clients, I’m sure most of you get pretty confused with all of the controversial stories about health, exercise and nutrition, and I even bet that you feel like giving up as you’re really not sure what to believe or which route to take.
Well for years now we have all been lead to believe that fat foods are bad for us and contribute to weight gain. Well that’s not exactly true. T
he body is a lot more complex than that and actually needs all foods to survive. Any food can lead to weight gain if we over eat it.
Each food type is broken down and used within the body in different ways.
We need certain fats to absorb some vitamins such as vitamins A, K, E and D, which without the help of fats in the diet will just pass straight through the digestive tract and out of the body.
Good fats also have a great impact on regulating our hormones, which in turn prevents us from being hungry and having cravings as well as improving our mood.
As a society we have been forced into believing we should always buy fat free products, however the fat free products on the shelves more often than not have other enemy additives in them such as a high amount of sugar, salt or even chemical additives to enhance the flavour.
None of these are healthy and in fact a high sugar content is more likely to cause fat/ weight gain than actual fats will.
Again as I have said before we are all individual and we need to be our own detectives with our exercise and nutrition to find what is right for us.
However if we take food back to basics and look back at our ancestors who ate organic meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts seeds etc and were pretty healthy, lean and fit.
This surely tells us that what man has done to food in this day and age has sabotaged our health in many respects.
So to sum up, you must include fats in your daily nutrition, but choose wisely.
Eat fat from meats, eggs, butter, almond and coconut milk, Greek yoghurt and then plenty of good fats, especially omega 3 from foods such as walnuts, salmon, flaxseed.
Omega 3 is not made in the body so it is essential to add into your daily nutrition to help with many of the bodies normal functions.
Check food labels and ensure that your sugar intake is low, as sugar causes stress on the body, fat storage, extremes of high and low energy levels, lack of sleep, high blood pressure, premature ageing, just to name a few
Unfortunately, sugar is quick and easy and most people will turn to sugary foods as they are short on time
Planning and prepping your meals and snacks is vital for fat loss success and an overall healthy mind and body
Ensuring you fill up on protein and veggies, will sustain energy levels, balance blood sugar to prevent spiking insulin, prevent hunger and cravings
These foods also contain the main vitmains, minerals and nutrients your body needs to perform optimally
I know this can sound complicated, and this is why I offer my Fitness and Fat loss programmes, to pass on all of this information, and support you in leading a healthier lifestyle
Hope you all have an amazing weekend
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself. Remember health is wealth
Emma xx