Good Morning all
So New year is well and truly underway
Today my in house Shapes Change, fitness and fat loss programme starts
And all my ladies are raring to go
We cover everything from exercise, nutrition, mindset, stress management, hormones, and lots more
My aim is to teach these lovely ladies how to lead a healthy lifestyle permanently, without having to crash diet, and completely give up all the things that they love
It’s crazy how many women I help, suffer from stress, and even stress related illnesses
People who get so down on themselves and their lives that they can’t see a way out
I am always super proud of all my clients, but nothing touches me more than when someone comes to me after months of struggling to even walk through the door.
She not only embraced all of the advice I gave her, but she made massive changes in her life, trusted in me and gave my programme 100% a month before Christmas, when most people completely fall off the health and fitness wagon,
yet Beth lost 6lb and 6.5 inches, which makes me a super proud and happy coach.

Beth has made a massive commitment to improving her mindset, being accountable to me for her nutrition and exercise and she is absolutely smashing it!

Most importantly Beth now feels amazing, happier, fitter and healthier beth-williams

Beth had an amazing Christmas, had a few treats, enjoyed herself
Yet she was so focused, determined and motivated after her amazing first month, that she was with me in my sessions in between Christmas and new year, when most people are lazing at home, finishing their chocolates and watching Christmas films
Now, she is coming in with a beaming smile, full of positivity and smashing every single workout
Her nutrition has changed massively and she is enjoying feeling healthy, instead of moody, tired, down and low on energy
We all have experienced tough times in our lives, and I feel drawn to helping people who are going through such tough times
I love helping people see light at the end of a very dark tunnel, plan to overcome the obstacles in their lives, set goals for a better future and most importantly believe in themselves again
Having suffered with depression myself, I can relate to anyone suffering
No 1 person has a harder life than another
We all experience pain, desperation, and times of trouble
Finding a way out can be hard
Support, friendship, love and understanding is all we want at these times
Having family and friends around you who encourage and support your journey is vital for your success,
battling with a partner over getting to fitness sessions, or making them chips and junk food, when you really want to eat healthy, is the biggest nightmare ever!
Someone to just understand and point us in the right direction to the top of the hole we have found ourselves so far down in
A New Year is a positive time for everyone
A time to plan on changing things
Setting goals!
Whether your goals be to get fitter, lose weight, be happier
All of these things are inter-linked
Firstly, I believe  mindset matters most!
It’s like planting a seed in contaminated soil, it will never flourish and grow t be the beautiful flower it was meant to be
By planning on being positive, yet having a lot of baggage, negativity, stress going on in your head, then all the positivity in the world will never help
A happy, healthy mind, will encourage a happy, healthy body
You all know that when you feel good, you want to eat healthy and exercise, you’re on top of the world
Yet, when you feel rubbish, you want to eat rubbish, and probably laze about at home in your scruffs, feeling sorry for yourself
See what I mean?
So, within my programmes, my main concern is Mindset!
Supporting my clients with the stress they have, giving them tools to put in place to manage that stress, and reduce it
So improving their overall mindset, will enable them to really work hard towards their health and fitness goals, and best of all enable them to maintain the healthy changes
Unfortunately people suffer in silence, and not being sexist here, however, a lot of my clients (who are all women by the way) are the ones that do everything within their household
The wife, the mum, the chauffeur, the cook, with a full time job, and no time for themselves
I’m not saying men are not busy too, of course they are and some have crazy busy jobs, which means they are out of the house a lot
However with the women they take charge of all the daily duties to ensure the whole family can function properly
This then puts a huge amount of pressure on them, means they end up letting themselves go, as they can’t find time for themselves
And subsequently they become unhappy, overweight, unfit and severely unhealthy
I create groups for my women, so that they can support each other too, share ideas and realise that they are not the only ones suffering
So if this sounds like your life, then please get in touch
My new Lifeshaper Programme is released Monday 16th and is a coaching programme, to help people get their lives, emotions and self belief back on track
It runs along side my Fitness and Fat Loss online Programme Shapes Change
This is a fantastic programme for those who are limited on time, cannot manage getting to a gym or fitness classes, and need to workout from home
You get recipes, meal plans, tips and advice, as well as workouts for maximum fat burning
Make 2017 your year of change
Get the support of your loved ones, make them aware of how you feel and how much you need to make these changes for your future happiness, health and well being
Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can get started today!
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx