Hi all
Well 2016 is nearly over!happy-new-year-2015-clock-card-hd-wallpaper
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year
I’m sure there are mixed feelings amongst you guys, some glad to see the back of 2016 and some cherishing the journey they have travelled and excited for the new one to begin
For me I am looking back on a mixed 2016, some sadness, some loss, many tricky hurdles
But most of all it’s been amazing
I have learnt so much from all that has happened, I have grown and succeeded in so many aspects of my life
I’m sure if you all open your mind and take a look back, then you have too
No one’s lives are perfect, we all have our trialling times
But how we deal with them, grow and learn from them, really is the most important part
We cannot change the past, what’s done is done
But dwelling on it, revisiting it and seeking answers will never enable you to move on
I have learnt that people will always shock you and let you down, even the ones you least expect to
BUT, I also learnt to deal with this differently, to not let it anger and rage me, but to remove these people from my life, without allowing another thought of negativity to effect me
Holding a grudge, seeking answers and constantly torturing yourself with the whys and wherefores is only causing you more pain, the other person has clearly proven their thoughts for you, so why waste any more time, energy and emotion on them?
I’ve learnt to believe in myself more and more
I am who I am and I’m actually very proud of who I am, where I have come from and all that I stand for
I learnt to never let what happens in life, change the person that I am
To never become bitter, filled with hate and negativity
This only ruins you as a person and eats you away inside
I’ve learnt that there is no such thing as perfection, and chasing it only makes you sad
I’m happy within myself, my body, my personality and most of all my love, compassion and care for others
I’ve learnt that comparing yourself to others and constantly striving to be something else is a complete waste of time, energy and will never make you successful
So my biggest lesson was to just be me
Not everyone with love you, in fact not everyone will even like you
But that’s fine too
Being YOU draws the right people into your life, the ones that were meant to be there, the ones who will always want to stay, no matter what!
We may not be the best at what we do, but we are certainly the best at being us
Therefore, standing strong as you, will create your own following, your own tribe your own circle of support
Resulting in happiness
And that in itself is success!
So if I can give you any advice going into 2017, it would be to take a step back and assess who YOU really are
Learn to believe in yourself
Be confident in YOU
And eventually everything else will fall into place
Following he crowds, being a sheep and constantly people pleasing will never truly give you the life YOU want
I wish you all a happy New Year filled with love, health and happiness
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in Yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx