Hi all
So like you guys, I absolutely love Christmas and yes I am normal and like the nicey treats and too much alcohol

Spending time with my family and friends means the world to me and yes that usually means going for food and drinks
And I will be totally honest I went out Friday night and Saturday did absolutely nothing, just chilled all day and craved junk food
So I actually gave into it and I ate what I wanted that day
I also did nothing but chilled, and watched films
Which honestly was lovely
very rarely do I get a chance to just laze about and spend a day doing nothing, it was great
However the food thing didn’t work for me at all
I had a bad stomach all day Yesterday, which kept me awake all night last night, and I still feel unsettled today
So lesson learnt there for me
It’s something I rarely do, and from years of reading my own body, I know that 2 treat meals a week on separate days, are what works for me
So back to what works and ensure I still use my greens drink and drink plenty of water in between too
This time of year is so predictable in the gym, it’s dead!
However, I am so super proud of my group PT and all my PT clients, they are still smashing it
Even if they are out, or miss a session, their mindset is now so good, that they make sure they have put other things in place to make up for this
They are all working together as a team, in our private facebook group, they support and encourage each other and I am absolutely loving their commitment and team work
Unfortunately there is no escaping the wrath of the group, as we all take pictures of our food, post them and share ideas, so if someone isn’t posting, they are probably not on track and not accountable for it either
If they can’t get to our sessions, then I have set them homework, so I record some HIIT training sessions for them to do at home jgh-emmap914-161
You can check these out at my YouTube Channel HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7_0T-rRnRM&feature=youtu.be
These are so easy to do at home, just get a timer, or clock, you have 5 exercises. Work for 30 seconds on each exercise and then change to the next one, then repeat
You need to do this for at least 15 minutes, but you can do more if you can
These are rest based workouts, push hard, force rest, then back in as soon as you can
These workouts are ideal for home, hotel rooms, even at work in your break, so there is no excuse!
HIIT, High Intesity Interval Training
HIIT exercise burns a high amount of calories in a short space of time and boosts your metabolism, helping to burn fat.
HIIT is a form of exercise performed at a very high intensity usually for anything from 10-30 mins, which burns calories (energy) at an accelerated rate, for hours after the exercise has finished.
This after burn of energy is called EPOC (Excess, Post-exercise, Oxygen, Consumption).
This type of exercise burns more calories than say 30 / 40 mins at a steady state on a treadmill, bike, cross trainer etc.
HIIT also takes you to the point of burning sensation, where you are also triggering the right hormones to burn fat.
The amazing thing about HIIT is it can be performed anywhere, either in the gym on a piece of equipment, sprints out in the fresh air, even with or without weights.
HIIT can be devised from all variations of workout and is time based.
Basically HIIT is a huge effort for a length of time, then a small rest period, and repeated. It can be 1 exercise like running, bike etc or can be made up of a few different exercises and is adaptable to all fitness levels as each person’s max effort will be completely different and the work and rest time can be changed too.
These workouts are very easily adapted for most people and all environments.
Obviously anyone with an illness or injury should always consult a GP before undertaking any exercise program.
So guys if you struggle getting to a gym or fitness class, or just like to exercise on your own from home.
Try HIIT, as the results are amazing.
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Emma xx
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