Good morning all50-off1
Wowzers, Christmas is just over a week away, where the heck has this year gone?
So I am super organised, nearly finished my shopping
Going to write cards and do some packing tonight
Then a little trip to town Thursday and I am done
Now I am no different t you guys at this time of year, I love all the nicey treats too
So I have put together a little, simple tip sheet to help you make some healthier choices over this festive time
By just making some of these small changes, January will be less of an uphill battle to get back to it
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I thought I’d make today just about YOU
I want to give you all the chance to get my products at a reduced price, ready to smash your New Year’s health and fitness goals
My main aim is to always give you guys as much advice, support and help as I possibly can
I want to make leading a healthy lifestyle easy for you!
I want to pass on to you all I have learnt over the past 15 years and help you apply that to yourself, finding what pattern works for YOU
I don’t believe in baffling people with science, as do you really want to know all that?
From 15 years in the industry and working with thousands of women, I can tell you the answer is NO
Most people want a magic pill, portion or programme
Well as I’m sure most of you have figured out by now, none of those exist
What does exist is consistency, hard work and support from the right people
These 3 things are key to success in fitness and fat loss
So I want to offer you guys a fantastic kick start to 2017
I am also offering half price discount before 31st December on my both online programmes
Shapes Change online 12 week Fitness and Fat Loss programme NOW only £100
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Lifeshaper 12 week, Mindset Coaching programme. Begin to believe in YOU now only £150
Buy the 2 together for just just £200
So massive savings here guys, as long as you get them booked before December 31st
Getting your mind and body in Shape for 2017
I’m really looking forward to keeping you all fit, happy and healthy in 2017
Emma xx
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