So party season is upon us, and we are all overindulging
We drink more alcohol, eat more sugar and some people even exercise less
So putting tools in place to help dal with the additional toxins is important
Looking After Your Liver!
To ensure survival, nature equipped humans with a liver.
It’s designed to keep energy high and the body working at optimum efficiency.
The liver filters nearly 100 gallons of blood every day to remove waste products and pollutants.
It converts sugar to energy and helps balance hormones.
In fact, the liver performs 100’s of functions in the body every day.
But in today’s world, your liver struggles to keep up.
We’re bombarded every day with pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals and air pollution.
On top of that, your liver has to deal with drugs, sugar, processed foods and alcohol and when your liver can’t get the job done, you will know it.
Especially this time of year, which is seen as a fest of overindulging
So if you’re feeling sluggish, it could mean that your liver is not converting glucose to energy fast enough, you will also be packing on pounds around the middle and you will notice more cellulite indicating your liver may be clogged with fat deposits.
You may also feel that your sex drive is stuck in neutral, as your liver struggles to keep your hormones in balance.
There are many cleanses, detox programs, pills and portions on the market that can detox the liver.
Detoxing with vegetables ONLY, coconut water and water, will help your body detox and cleanse sufficiently
However, this is extreme and at this time of year, for most people impossible!
Fortunately there is a powerful herb that can heal your liver in no time at all and this herb has been used by traditional healers for more than 2,000 years and is known to us as milk thistle (Silybum marianum).
This medicinal plant is one of the best herbs found for clearing toxins from your blood.
It has a potent antioxidant called silymarin that helps detoxify the liver and restore healthy liver function.
It also helps repair liver cells and even grow new ones.
New research shows that silymarin also keeps your telomeres longer and healthier.
Telomeres are the countdown clocks in your cells.
Every time a cell divides, its telomeres become shorter until they run out of time and die.
In other words, the longer your telomeres, the more life is left in your cells.
Silymarin in milk thistle activates telomerase, the enzyme that keeps your telomeres longer and your cells acting younger. Look for dried milk thistle extract in your health food store or online.
But make sure it has a minimum of 80% silymarin, the active ingredient for liver cleansing and maintaining your telomere length.
The recommend dose is one 200 mg. capsule twice a day.
Learn to love and respect your liver we only have one and reducing the intake of toxins and chemicals along with some extra help from milk thistle we can look forward to a healthier and longer life.
Hydrating to Stay Healthy:

I’m sure you are all aware of the importance of drinking water every day as water is needed for lots of the body’s functions, therefore, dehydration can be extremely dangerous.

The recommended guidelines are a minimum of 2 litres per day, however, as with anything, this will vary from person to person and should also be increased in the hot weather and when exercising, due to loss of body fluid through sweating.

We do get some fluid through food, but mostly we need it from drinks and nothing beats water!!!! Try to avoid fizzy drinks and pops as they are usually full of sugar.

Diet drinks are even more dangerous to health and specifically fat loss as they contain a chemical called aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener.

Aspartame is said to cause depletion in serotonin, leading to mood swings, panic attacks and depression. Studies have also shown many other side effects from aspartame consumption, one of the biggest being it’s link to brain tumours.

The liver is our organ of detoxification and so it is vital this is in best working order, to ensure our cells efficiently process the nutrients our bodies need for optimum function.

We take toxins in through the food we eat and what we drink daily, so the liver is working around the clock on detoxification. Some of these things are much harder to remove than others.

Caffeine for instance takes a lot of hard work for the body to detoxify, so therefore meaning the liver is less efficient at detoxifying other things at that time.

One of the biggest toxins to put a massive strain on the liver is alcohol. If alcohol consumption is great then the liver cannot break it all down, leaving the liver very acidic.

It is very important we try to neutralise our PH or even better, become slightly alkaline, to prevent disease from growing.

As our bodies become acidic, our oxygen levels drop. This will leave us tired and run down, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to breed.

Some small things to help improve alkalinity are to add certain foods into your diet such as avocado, chai and flax seeds, beetroot, celery, broccoli and lots more.

Adding fresh lemon to water will also help, as lemon is alkaline in the body.

However the best way is by drinking alkalising salts to neutralise the toxic acidity within your body and enable your body to perform at it’s best. These will improve energy and oxygen levels, meaning you will feel revitalised.

Managing Dehydration from alcohol:

As we will all be drinking over this period of time, it is vital that you also drink water, as our bodies need water for a lot of it’s functions.

As we have discovered above the liver is our organ of detoxification and so it is vital this is in best working order, to ensure our cells efficiently process the nutrients our bodies need for optimum function.

One of the biggest toxins to put a massive strain on the liver is alcohol.

If alcohol consumption is great then the liver cannot break it all down, leaving the liver very acidic.

Alcohol is a diuretic and so dehydrates us, which means we lose a lot of vital nutrients too.

As I’m sure you are all aware we urinate much more after drinking alcohol, therefore becoming dehydrated.

This makes us have a headache, feel dizzy and nauseas the next day.

Due to this we tend to drink as much water as we possibly can, which is then actually depleting our bodies electrolyte levels.

It is very important for your overall health that you restore these, which in turn should help reduce the hangover symptoms.

There are a few ways to replenish your electrolytes, bananas and coconut water are an excellent source of potassium and magnesium, so you can make a smoothie out of these or invest in a sports drink or alkalising salts.


In anticipation of these additional toxins, and our acidity level most likely be higher than normal, I highly recommend Phil Richards Performance products and specifically his alkalising salts (to improve alkalinity) and Ultimate Greens (to ensure you are receiving the correct amount of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients) Please check out that and all of his other amazing products at

Taking all of these tips on board over the festive period, will definitely help you stay healthier

Applying these small changes to your lifestyle will make it so much easier to be fitter and healthier, come 2017

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Keep Fit, happy and Healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth

Emma xx

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