Hi all
So I had a review of one of my clients today, after her 6 week fat loss programme
I really want to share this with you, to show how much reading your body and sticking to what works for you is important
I can honestly say, that when Clare started with me 6 weeks ago, she listened to every bit of advice I gave her
She trained so hard in our sessions, she constantly asked questions if she wasn’t sure, and within just 3 weeks she’d lost pounds, inches and body fat
We knew she was on the right track, she was happier, less hungry, not craving and her energy was through the rough
All of this as well as really enjoying all we were doing, in fact I remember her saying to me ‘I wish I’d done this years ago’
Clare finally felt better about herself, had more confidence and was so much happier, knowing she was on the right track to becoming fitter, leaner and healthier
We were both ecstatic!
And I couldn’t wait to see how amazing she would do at the end of the 6 weeks
Knowing that consistency with what was working, would give even more results
However, Clare’s life got super busy in week 4 and she failed to plan and prep,
Clare went from eating frequent small healthy meals to just 3 main meals, having very long gaps in between each and overdoing the carbs, then craving in the evening so snacking late
Shen was a lot more stressed and didn’t manage this with the tools I taught her at the beginning of the programme
So all in all the 2nd half of the programme, was not great, even though she did awesome in every workout
What had started to work for Clare, she changed and has resulted in her body going into ‘Diet’ mode and storing fat
Now I know you here me preach that we are all different
And sometimes finding what works for you can take some time
However, when you do find it, it’s important to stick to it
Planning and prepping are absolutely essential to success in fat loss
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!
The good thing is, we have discovered this early on and Clare is very aware of where she has gone wrong
Our bodies are so complex that sometimes it can take a few months to figure out what works and what doesn’t, for you
And as our circumstances, surroundings, jobs, stress etc change then so should our food, to accommodate that
Christmas time now is going to be similar, as I have discussed in my other emails
We are out drinking more, eating differently and work patterns are different
So being mindful of this and putting changes in place to ensure we are still doing the best for our body is important to maintain results
I am absolutely adamant that Clare will do fantastic next month, and we are actually going to re measure in 2 weeks, to make sure she is back on track
I think this is a valuable lesson, as Clare didn’t fall off track, eat rubbish or give up on exercise
She thought she was still eating healthy, but failed to stick to what had already proven to work for her
Luckily I advised Clare to log everything when she first started, so she has all those logs to look back on
This will show her exactly what worked for her and enable her to make those changes quickly
Hope this makes you all think a little, and helps you realise that we cannot just assume eating less and exercising more will work for us
It is trial and error sometimes before we get it right
I’ll keep it short today, and wish you all a fab weekend
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx