Another weekend over, wow I just can’t believe this year is nearly over
We had our Shapes Christmas party on Saturday and what an amazing time we all had
Team Shapes all together, enjoying, laughing, being silly
Just like any other gym, people come and go, people try new things
People move on, their lives change, and so do the people and places in them
This is natural and something I believe in a lot actually.
I think it is very important to try different things and find what’s best for you
But I can honestly say the original team is still going strong every single year
We are all a little crazy, but super fun
We dance all night!
we are still laughing today about the silly things we all did, and it makes our Christmas to all be together having so much fun
Laughter is essential for happiness
Spending time with the people you love and just enjoying yourselves
Life is way too serious most of the time, so making time to enjoy yourself is vital for a healthy mind and therefore a healthy body
Yesterday I was actually feeling the pain though, as I usually stick to the healthier option of vodka soda water, yet with it being Christmas some of my lovely clients were coming back with other drinks for me….shots, yuck!
Obviously it would have been rude not to accept them haha
However, I can honestly say it made me really ill
I am so used to eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and when I drink simply sticking to vodka, that my stomach was in knots all day yesterday
I genuinely felt the effect of the toxins in my body
So I drank alkalizing salts in water as soon as I woke, a greens drink to ensure I got a lot of goodness, vitamins and minerals into me,
I then had a lovely cooked dinner with lots of fresh veggies, drunk plenty of water, with an added Zero, electrolyte drink in the evening and I had a lovely long hot bath with pink Himalayan salt
So all in all did the best I could to recover from the night before
As bad as I felt I kept in mind the fun we all had, and how much we laughed
The pictures and videos we took captured some of the memories, but can never tell the full story of how much we all loved being together, we laughed, danced and had a ball
A special time, but we also missed a very special person, who has been with us year in year out for the past 9 parties, so it was emotional too
What I absolutely love about all our team events and parties is that we have a special young lady join us every single time
Chanel is a massive part of Team Shapes, she is such an inspirational amazing young lady at 21 being in a wheelchair and having been through hell all her life, with illness after illness
Team Shapes and all our girls mean the world to Chanel
We give her the fun and enjoyment a 21 year old should have
She is up on the dance floor with us all night and we include her in all we do
She is simply amazing! me-and-chanel
Whenever I do a fitness event Chanel comes along and we do some chair exercises with her, she has to be part of all we have going on
her sheer determination, and her positive, happy personality are just electric
She literally lights us all up every time she is with us
And for me seeing her bloody enjoy herself, just makes me so happy
We all moan about our clothes, hair, bodies and this poor young girl would give anything to be exactly like us and not confined to her wheelchair
Yet she still has a massive smile on her face, gets involved in all we do and actually makes us all feel very special and amazing for having her in our lives
I don’t think we ever fully appreciate the people we have in our lives, I feel it is so important to take time out, include all the special people around you and just live and laugh in the here and now
I’ve genuinely had a lovely weekend
Today I have lots of work to catch up on, but I will never let that stress me out, as I needed a fab weekend with my ‘Special people’ and the work can be caught up today
Laughter, fun, happiness are all things that I strive to achieve every single day, as these things keep me in my positive mindset
Yesterday I spent the afternoon shopping, eating, and ice skating
I have to tell you that ice skating was the best laugh I have had ever!
I literally nearly wet myself
I went with my boyfriend to Celtic Manor Resort in Cardiff
It’s a lovely place, and the Christmas decoration and atmosphere there was just wonderful
Lots of people enjoying the Christmas Kingdom
We were both like Bambi on ice to start, but we did get better
We absolutely love doing activities and keeping things interesting, so this super fun activity is now top of our list and we cannot wait to go again
Next time I will definitely film some it for you guys to see, I’m sure we will make your day
This time of year can be so stressful for people, as we spoke about last week
Rushing around crazy, packed shops, lots of parties, the money pressure
So taking time to do happy, fun things too is really important
Or January will come, along with the extra work and December will be a blur of stress
So try not to let this time of year completely consume your time, energy and happiness
Make sure you enjoy this special time, with the ones you love
Love, laughter and happiness
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx