mindsetWell, what an amazing week I have had
Some fantastic results with my clients, both Personal Training and Life Coaching
I absolutely love my job
And love it even more when we are able to overcome mindset issues and clients become focused and give it their all too
Unfortunately us Trainers / Coaches can only do our best to help and support, the client has to want to make changes for us to be able to help them
And yes, those who struggle with commiiting to their goals need extra help, which I love to give
Yet, again they have to want to accept my help and guidance
Some things are so hard to achieve on your own
And the difference a Trainer / Coach can make to those willing to trust in them is massive
Mindset really does matter most!
I know you hear me say it time and time again
But I am actually living proof that a change in mindset can change your whole life
In fact I have done this several times throughout the past 20 years
Life is complicated
Life is stressful
And life can be hard if we do not have some help along the way to figure out the path we want to take
We all make mistakes, and that is fine, we are only human, and believe me no one is perfect
I coach a handful of women under 22, who all suffer with self confidence issues, anxiety and most of them have suffered with depression too
Now to me this is a saddening.
A large number of young women who are leading unhappy, negative lives
Yet, I look back at when I was that age, and by gosh realise how complicated life seemed to me back then too
Life was competitive then, with no social media and no reality TV (God I sound really old now)
Looking back though our troubles, problems, struggles all seemed huge then too
And back then, we had no help, no coaches and no mindset advice available to help us
So yes times have changed, possibly not for the better, but help finding the solution to these problems has also become more readily available too
As for the fitness and nutrition industry, wow, what a massive turnaround
The industry is massive now and trainers, coaches, therapists are so much more qualified and knowledgeable
When I was 20 plus, this was the era of diet food, and man made, well marketed FAT FREE products
We knew no different and followed the rubbish that the government would spout out to us about these products, and we’d trust and believe in them
Now we know that was complete rubbish and that’s all had happened was man had altered food from it’s healthy natural form and made it unhealthy
Adding chemical enhancers, hormones, pesticides and god knows what else to sell us tasty, addictive, money making CRAP
Something I am still a big believer is a huge cause of our massive increase in cancer, and other life threatening diseases (but I best not go on about that too much)
So again we now have a mindset battle on our hands
Trying to re educate people about what is actually healthy
getting them to understand that ‘low fat’ is usually full of sugar and chemicals to add the missing flavour
That fat is actually needed in our nutrition as it is vital to absorb important vitamins
I’s a vicious circle, that I am sure in the next 20 years will take another full turn
But, my point here is mindset!
How important it is to seek advice, help and support , and not just follow the crowds with the latest faddy trends
Getting help is not a sign of failure and so there is no need to be embarrassed by it
I would never be where I am today if I didn’t have coaches, mentors and teachers along the way
Our brains can get completely fogged and overloaded with information
We can get confused with a mass amount of different conflicting advice
so then there is no wonder youngsters are getting depressed and anxious with not knowing what they want or where they want to be in their lives
We all went to school to learn from teachers who knew better or more than we did
So having a trainer / coach to help you achieve the goals you cannot seem to achieve yourselves is clearly a good move towards your future success
Yet YOU have to make the first move, and be committed to taking on their advice, believing and trusting in them
Have a great weekend all
Keep fit, happy and healthy. Invest in Yourself, remember health is wealth
Emma xx